Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Shaun Kenney is still Executive Director of RPV

So know and accept the fact that the Republican Party of Virginia endorses his view thatTea Party Virginians  are bigots and so is any one  who does not support Kenneys warped  vision on immigration and conservatism.

The RPV is not a friend of conservatives or libertarians. They are just like the democrats. Looking out for their interests , their friends interests and the interests of the people who  bribe them with large donations.

Do not donate your money or your time to the Republican Party of Virginia

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Why Does Shaun Kenney Still Have His Job?

Remember when Shaun called for Bob McDonnell to resign during the election? Did he purposely do that to hurt the  Cuccinelli's campaign?  Who was he working for at the time?

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

That Hole Just Keeps Getting Deeper

More exposure .. Shine that light and watch the roaches scurry around.

"We now ask Republican Party of Virginia Chairman Pat Mullins to explain how and why Shaun Kenney was appointed Executive Director.
We are also calling for an independent investigation into the financial relationship between Eric Cantor, Shaun Kenney, and the Republican Party of Virginia.” Dave Brat

GOP voters in Virginia’s 7th District have just learned that the person appointed to manage the primary election season for the party is being paid by one of the candidates. And, in addition to the disqualification of Kenney as a fair arbiter of the primary, the financial ties obviously raise the question of whether Cantor, the most powerful Republican in Virginia, had Kenney installed as executive director.


When You Are Already In A Deep Hole, Stop Digging

 The following was a comment posted by a reader of this article  over at Virginia Virtucon

This reader  hit every point so brilliantly that I just have to share....
and can you  guess who showed up calling people names  .. can someone find that man a real job ?

 " What is being missed here is the fact that it wasn’t that Shaun Kenney met with some people in his office that has added so much fuel to the already raging flames between the differing factions in the Republican party, it goes back to Mr. Kenney’s article from a while ago where he called those that didn’t see eye to eye with him on his ideas of immigration reform “nativists” and outreageously said that they needed to get out of the Republican party. That is absolutely what has caused more than a little stir. 
Mr. Kenney’s article was posted on the Daily Caller yesterday, along with direct quotes from that article. Brian Shoenman’s recent article titled something like the Nattering Nabobs of Nativism was also linked, along with his comment where he claims that “he too is trying to get rid of the new generation of those that were wearing white sheets 50 years ago. ”
 This has now hit WMAL talk radio. This morning the question was put to the listening audience as to how those felt about a guy, Shaun Kenney, who is now the face of the Republican party in VA, calling those that don’t agree with him on immigration reform nativists, and that they need to be purged from the party. Fair question to be sure, as the words are Mr. Kenney’s. The DC article was also linked at WeaselZippers website.
It wasn’t bad enough that those flames were already raging, Mr. Kenney was a guest on the Charlottesville Coy Barefoot talk show at just after 4 PM. He did nothing to walk back his nativist comments, he doubled down on them. He again repeated that those that didn’t agree with his position on immigration reform were nativists who function from anger and animous, and I quote “they need to get out of my party.” He talks about those that see some as “the other” clearly implying that those that do not agree are racists. Then he goes on to say that his job is to grow the Republican party in VA. Yet he just told a huge number of those already in the party to get out and leave.
It’s unfortunate but I do believe that Mr. Kenney will in fact get his wish. So to will Mr. Shoenman who had the temerity to call those that disagree the KKK. Apparently Mr. Shoenman doesn’t seem to remember that it was in fact the Democrats that started the KKK, Jim Crow laws and who stood in the school house doors all those years ago.

I humbly have a suggestion to make. When you are already in a deep hole, stop digging"

Yes, We Know it's all True... DUH

Bearing Drift gets defensive   and takes a page from the liberal playbook and  ridicules then demonizes it's critics.
Still no mention of Shaun Kenneys debacle....  Brian Schoeneman fly's in to do his bit in the comment section

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Did Shaun Kenney Purposely destroy Tea Party Candidate Corey Stewarts Bid for LT Governor??


      It sure seems like he did. .....Remember when Shaun wrote this article...

  Shaun Kenney should have been thrown out of the Republican Party! Not appointed to head it

Brian Schoeneman tries to explains his "INCOMPETENCE"

With Republicans like Shaun Kenney who needs Democrats?

Friday, April 11, 2014

Shaun Kenney On the Run

Shaun Kenney is getting the kind of attention he's wanted all his life. Unfortunately,  he's not getting it for the reasons he's hoped for.

Daily Caller

"Virginia Republican Party executive director Shaun Kenney was a “no show” to conservative host Laura Ingraham’s radio program Thursday.
Ingraham was prepared to question Kenney about his statements that conservatives who oppose amnesty are afraid of “The Other” and that “nativists” should be driven out of the Republican party. Kenney made the statements in an office meeting that included former SEIU secretary-treasurer Eliseo Medina."

Laura Ingraham    

Glen Renyolds of posted...  WE’VE SEEN THIS LATELY. CALL ME CRAZY, BUT I DON’T THINK IT’LL WIN ELECTIONS. GOP Official Says His Party’s Full Of Bigots.

Sara for America blog
 Oh My. Shaun, If You’re Sick Please Get Well Soon

   TWITTER too!

Know who's been silent on the entire debacle? 
Shaun Kenney and the gang over at Bearing Drift   ..  Even his flying monkey, Brian Schoeneman  has been laying low.

Who are these players at Bearing Drift?   Greg, over at Black Velvet Bruce Li lays it out

Norm Leahy, Managing Partner, Virginia Line Media, LLC, fundraising, messaging, branding and creative communications
Shaun Kenny, K6 Consulting Group, Consulting, fundraising & social media
Jason Kenny, K6 Consulting Group, Consulting, fundraising & social media
Stephen Spiker, Mercury LLC, Communications and Political Consulting
Brian Kirwin, Rourk Public Relations, Political Consultants
Brian Schoneman, General Counsel & Board member, Virginia Line LLC

Very Cozy 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

More Tea Party Bashing over at Bearing drift...

Ok guys we get it. Conservatives are not welcome in the Republican Part of Virginia.   No need to keep beating that horse. 
 Well, at least  he didn't call us teabaggers.

Quite Frankly, Brian Schoeneman is a Embarrassment


       Evidently, anyone who wants our immigration laws to be enforced is not only a racist but, according to Brian Schoeneman, a bunch of "Nattering Nabobs of Nativism"

Brian Schoeneman, Shaun Kenney's flying Monkey and defender of RINOs across the state of Virginia, shows exactly who he is and what he stands for......Be Sure to read the Comments below the article to get the full picture of what kind of men are in power in the Virginia Gop. 

Boycott the Virginia GOP until all these immature, petty little boys are gone from it ranks. Send them to the democrats where they belong.

Brian Schoeneman is Shaun Kenneys Flying Monkey

 Brian Schoeneman is a busy little hatchet monkey, flying around the web attacking, silencing and slandering Republicans who utter any sound of dissent or criticism against his and  Shaun Kenneys vision of the Republican Party of Virginia, a party where Conservatives and Tea Party  Americans  are not welcome

From Sara for America

What we have here, is not a failure to communicate.  The message from the boys at GOP central is clear, and understood.  The establishment plan to crush and beat the snot out of conservatives is out there for all to see.  Having now pulled back the blinds on their inner sanctum strategies, the well-connected propagandists now feel unleashed to be themselves, hurling all the invective and personal insults they normally reserve for their back rooms.  

Shaun Kenney says the GOP is full of Bigots

 via Daily Caller

 A man named Shaun Kenney was recently named Executive Director of the Virginia Republican party.  Here is a post of his from the blog, Bearing Drift.  In it he argues that “Conservatives have a moral duty to drive out nativism once and for all.” It becomes clear by the end of the post that when he says “nativist” he’s including more or less everyone in the party who opposes “comprehensive immigration reform.”
“There are 12 million people in the United States today who want a better lives for themselves and their families, whose only crime was that they came to America to do it.
‘”The nativists have a very simple solution: apprehend all 12 million of them, boxcar them back to their point of origin, and drive them out as so many locusts. …
‘”he American conservative movement has driven out ideologies from our camp once before. We drove out the progressives and the America First movement in the 1940s. We did it again with the John Birch Society in the 1960s. We did it once again with the anarchists in the 1980s. Every time we have purged the ranks of poison, we have emerged stronger …
“It’s time to clean house. 
‘”You will hear a lot of talk in the coming months about immigration reform. In it will be included guest worker programs, documented worker status, real border enforcement that doesn’t require walls, and a sound program that takes an antiquated immigration system and brings it into the 21st century. That’s not amnesty, that’s reform.
“Conservatives embrace the idea of more Americans coming into this country to work hard and prosper.
“Nativists reject Pedro. …
Drive em out, ladies and gentlemen. …”

   If the state GOP wants to empower this sophomoric sneerer slanderer to insult their core voters with language reminiscent of Daily Kos on a bad day, that is the state GOP’s problem. But maybe the press should drop the PR that says Kenney got the job because he’s “worked well with both sides.” Or, in his own words describing his suitability for the post:
“It takes a little bit of finesse … and generally being tolerated by all side to be an effective executive director. The executive director is kind of like the first diplomat.”
If Kenney is the Virginia GOP establishment’s** idea of a diplomat, it should be an interesting few years. Or weeks.  …

P.S.: Attempts to reach Kenney by phone and email were unsuccessful.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Virginia GOP's War on their members

In a desperate attempt to hold on to their power the Virginia GOP has had a concerted effort to marginalize the Tea Party and define them as "Radicals" "Racists" & "Nativist" ( ask Tito Munoz and Shaun Kenney what that is) they've had their online GOONS harassing & bullying tea party members in blogs , on facebook and at GOP meetings. I say that Virginia Tea Party Americans should take the hint and accept the fact that we are unwelcomed in today's Republican Party of Virginia. We should stop supporting them with our time and money and come election day we should stay home.

People like Brian Schoeneman , Bill Bolling and Shaun Kenney have said that tea party people are to RADICAL for the GOP, they have said that we scare independents from joining the party. So then,why should we stay where we're not welcome? Let them try to win elections without us. NO DONATIONS, NO VOLUNTEERING, NO VOTING.

John Galt

No Shaun Kenny, we need MORE John Galt

The following is from Carla Harris' facebook page and it is a sad reminder of what the Virginia GOP has become. The people in power,in a desperate attempt to hold on to their own power, are forcing out good people who have dedicated their time and money to the state of Virginia

An open letter to the Republican Party of Virginia, members and leadership:

Having served as the Emporia-Greensville Republican Party Chairman since 2000, I have diligently worked for the people of Southside Virginia, the Republican Party of Virginia, our candidates and guiding principals for nearly one-third of my life and dedicated myself to advancing and enhancing our local and state parties.

In those 14 years, I’ve watched the party I love and help build go through many changes. Because of the current direction the Republican Party of Virginia – and much of its leadership – is taking, I issue my resignation tonight, effective immediately. I will not participate in the negative behavior and culture that has taken over and cannot sit quietly while our party implodes. Therefore, it is best for me at this time, to resign and take a break. And even though I will not miss the chaos, I am saddened about the circumstances that have made this necessary for me.

I wish you all the best in the future and hope you find your way back to the conservative path laid out for us by amazing leaders like Ronald Reagan, John Dalton, Bob Dole and resolve to return to our days of greatness.

Some in our party will worry little over the loss of a dedicated, long-time chairman. However, what you should be concerned about losing --- is my vote.

May God bless and guide you. God bless Southside Virginia, God bless our Commonwealth and God bless America.

With warmest regards,
Carla Cash Harris
Chairman, Emporia-Greensville Republican Party
2000 – 2014

This was Shaun Kenneys response to her on her fb page...
(Shaun Kenney) well, for one I am very sorry to read this... but understand why you (and others) feel this way. the door is always open. I know guys like Carl Tate and others exited and decided that those negative voices weren't going to push him out, and Carl jumped right back in like a hero.

we need more heroes and less John Galt... and when you're ready, there's a place at the table, Carla.