Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Brian Schoeneman is Shaun Kenneys Flying Monkey

 Brian Schoeneman is a busy little hatchet monkey, flying around the web attacking, silencing and slandering Republicans who utter any sound of dissent or criticism against his and  Shaun Kenneys vision of the Republican Party of Virginia, a party where Conservatives and Tea Party  Americans  are not welcome

From Sara for America

What we have here, is not a failure to communicate.  The message from the boys at GOP central is clear, and understood.  The establishment plan to crush and beat the snot out of conservatives is out there for all to see.  Having now pulled back the blinds on their inner sanctum strategies, the well-connected propagandists now feel unleashed to be themselves, hurling all the invective and personal insults they normally reserve for their back rooms.  

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