Tuesday, April 8, 2014

No Shaun Kenny, we need MORE John Galt

The following is from Carla Harris' facebook page and it is a sad reminder of what the Virginia GOP has become. The people in power,in a desperate attempt to hold on to their own power, are forcing out good people who have dedicated their time and money to the state of Virginia

An open letter to the Republican Party of Virginia, members and leadership:

Having served as the Emporia-Greensville Republican Party Chairman since 2000, I have diligently worked for the people of Southside Virginia, the Republican Party of Virginia, our candidates and guiding principals for nearly one-third of my life and dedicated myself to advancing and enhancing our local and state parties.

In those 14 years, I’ve watched the party I love and help build go through many changes. Because of the current direction the Republican Party of Virginia – and much of its leadership – is taking, I issue my resignation tonight, effective immediately. I will not participate in the negative behavior and culture that has taken over and cannot sit quietly while our party implodes. Therefore, it is best for me at this time, to resign and take a break. And even though I will not miss the chaos, I am saddened about the circumstances that have made this necessary for me.

I wish you all the best in the future and hope you find your way back to the conservative path laid out for us by amazing leaders like Ronald Reagan, John Dalton, Bob Dole and resolve to return to our days of greatness.

Some in our party will worry little over the loss of a dedicated, long-time chairman. However, what you should be concerned about losing --- is my vote.

May God bless and guide you. God bless Southside Virginia, God bless our Commonwealth and God bless America.

With warmest regards,
Carla Cash Harris
Chairman, Emporia-Greensville Republican Party
2000 – 2014

This was Shaun Kenneys response to her on her fb page...
(Shaun Kenney) well, for one I am very sorry to read this... but understand why you (and others) feel this way. the door is always open. I know guys like Carl Tate and others exited and decided that those negative voices weren't going to push him out, and Carl jumped right back in like a hero.

we need more heroes and less John Galt... and when you're ready, there's a place at the table, Carla.

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