Friday, February 26, 2010

Paul Ryan Bitch Slaps Obama

This made my day...

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ayn Rand

Ayn Rand in "Capitalism The Unknown Ideal"

It is true that the welfare-statists are not socialists, that they never advocated or intended the socialization of private property, that they want to “preserve” private property—with government control of its use and disposal. But that is the fundamental characteristic of fascism

Obama to deliver health care .......


The president is taking this one last chance to push his health care agenda, which by his own estimate will cost about $1 trillion over 10 years. That's money America doesn't have, but he could probably just print some more.

Obama will be in his element, talking and lecturing, the law professor framing the debate. He'll spend hours being seen as reasonable. The Republicans will balk and the president will shrug. He'll sigh and say he tried to reason with them but they refused.

Then once the cameras are turned off, he'll take out the baseball bat and explain how things get done The Chicago Way.

It's all about muscle.. an acolyte of the Chicago Democratic machine, he's seen muscle at work in Daleyland. Now he's in the White House, and he's going to use muscle too.

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Cantor: Dem health bill dead

--------and getting deader every day

Stomach Bug 1

A stomach bug is keeping me from attending todays rally in DC. I will post and link to info found on the web.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Patients' Rally


Thursday we rally outside Blair House at 9:30am and proceed to GW Marriott a couple blocks away to host a Patients' Summit at 11:30 am to protest Obama's destruction of Healthcare.

Date: Thursday, February 25, 2010
Time: 9:30am - 1:00pm
Locations: Blair House at 9:30
1651 Pennsylvania Ave Nw
Washington, DC

JW Marriott at 11:30am 1331 Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest
City/Town: Washington, DC

Despite an overwhelming opposition from the American public, Obama continues to talk his way into your doctor’s office by pushing a trillion dollar health care plan through Congress.

You’ve called your Senator. You’ve signed petitions. You’ve talked to your friends about the dangers of a government takeover of health care. Yet Obama STILL pushes his radical agenda against the will of the people. Such arrogance cannot be tolerated from a government that is given its power by the people it represents.

On the same day that Obama will be discussing health care with members of Congress, join Americans for Prosperity and other freedom fighters in Washington, DC on Thursday, February 25th for CRITICAL CONDITION: THE PATIENTS’ SUMMIT.

Folks will rally outside the Blair House at 9:30am ET, and then proceed to the JW Marriott a couple blocks away to host a Summit for the citizens at 11:30am featuring Congressmen John Shadegg, Tom Price, and others.

It’s time Washington started listening to the patients, NOT the politicians.

We want Obama to know that no matter how hard he tries, he can’t shut out the American people from this debate.

Please consider coming to Washington, DC and bring as many friends as possible. But if you are not able to join us at the nation’s capital, you can host your own watch party with family or coworkers right where you are. We will host a LIVE webcast of “Critical Care: The Patients’ Summit,” which can be viewed online that same day. It’s simple to host a watch party—all you need is a computer with Internet access.

Friday, February 19, 2010


And They do...

Far too many people are hitching their wagons to the tea party movement calling themselves "leaders"
You should know what kind of group you're joining, know their history, where they came from and what their agenda is before your join, especially if they collect dues and hold meetings with "talking points"

There are many groups out there who want to squeeze politicians with the power of the tea party name to advance their own political and ideological agenda's and really have no ties to the Tea Party Patriots, Freedom Works, or Americans for Prosperity groups.

Some of these groups are looking to run their own candidates, run for office themselves or lobby on the state and federal level...Now, there is nothing wrong with this as long as they are up front about their intentions, and what they plan to do with the dues you're giving them

My question about this type of tea party is Why trade in one group of political leaders with agenda's for another? How are they different than the people currently in power in the GOP?

The Tea Party Movement was started to hold elected officials and Party Big Wigs accountable for their vote and decisions, band together to support politicans who run support Conservative Values however YOU define them.

Suddenly we have tea party groups running candidates against the GOP or trying to MICROMANAGE how elected officials vote in their state legislature. You shouldn't harass a state senator or delegate every time you don't like his vote.. Nothing will ever get done!

This is a wonderful time to be involved in politics. Let's keep it for the People! Let's not trade in one group of Leaders for Another!

Please feel free to leave me your ideas on the future of the tea party movement.

Karl Rove puts it well...

The tea partiers have made an important splash because they are not yet another auxiliary to the Democratic or Republican parties. Like the pro-life and Second Amendment movements before it, the tea party movement will have a bigger impact if it holds the feet of politicians in both parties to its fire. Each party must know it can win or lose swing tea party voters.
A small fraction of the tea partiers' leadership are ambitious individuals who haven't been able to hold office in either the GOP or Democratic Party. Some are from fringe groups like the John Birch Society or the remnants of the LaRouchies. Others see the tea party movement as a recruiting pool for volunteers for Ron Paul's next presidential bid.

Jim LeMunyon to hold Town Hall Meeting

Sunday, February 21
2:00-3:00 p.m.
Sully Government Center—4900 Stonecroft Blvd., Chantilly

Dear Friends,

This past Tuesday marked the halfway point of the 2010 Virginia General Assembly session. For the remainder of the session, the House of Delegates will consider Senate-passed bills, and vice versa. The pace continues to be brisk, and the state budget will be considered starting next week. Five of my bills passed the House and are now being considered by the Virginia Senate:

H.B. 778 requires voting records to be retrievable by member name on the General Assembly’s website. This bill would increases accessibility, transparency, and accountability of the Virginia State Legislature.

H.B. 792 allows a temporary business license or certification to be issued to an applicant who holds a comparable license or certification issued by another state. This bill is good for businesses moving to Virginia and will spur job growth across the state.

H.B. 208 eliminates unnecessary reports school divisions must send to Richmond, so more education funds can make it to the classroom.

H.B. 1306 requires jurors to provide personal identification when appearing for jury duty, similar to what voters provide at the polls on Election Day.

H.J. 100 is a resolution encouraging the State Board of Education to support the establishment of additional mathematics, science, and technology high schools like Thomas Jefferson High School.

You may have read in the news that the Virginia House considered 20 bills during the past few days related to firearms. In keeping with my support for the U.S. Constitution, including the 2nd Amendment, I voted YES on bills that relate to the right of self-defense and the ability of law-abiding gun owners to comply with the law. I voted NO on two bills that, in my view, would have made it easier for guns to be obtained by criminals or the mentally ill and another bill that would repeal the current ban on carrying concealed weapons into restaurants that serve alcohol. Please contact me if you would like a list of these bills and an explanation of my votes.

In keeping with a campaign promise, my complete voting record may be found on my website at by clicking on “voting record” in the navigation bar.

Making the Hard Decisions

Elected officials need to make hard, and for some segments of the populace, unpopular decisions. Do Virginia's Senators have what it takes to save our future economy?

Senators seem skeptical about proposed pension changes

With Unions funding the democrat party, I don't have much hope unless " We the People" make them more afraid of losing their jobs then they are of losing union funding.

No State Money for Abortion in Virginia

Governor McDonnell, Lt Governor Bolling and AG Cuccinelli all support not funding planned parenthood

Abortion should be legal but not funded by the government. I just wonder if they will follow through with a bill.

Education: Too Important for a Government Monopoly



Mike Pence may run against Obama in 2012!

Redstate has the scoop!

January 26, 2010

Open Letter to Friends and Supporters

As many of you are aware, I have been approached about running for the United States Senate in 2010. Karen and I have been humbled by the outpouring of support and encouragement which we received from across Indiana, especially since there are several capable and qualified candidates already seeking the Republican nomination.

After much prayer and deliberation, I have decided to remain in the House and to seek reelection to the 6th Congressional District in 2010.
I am staying for two reasons. First because I have been given the responsibility to shape the Republican comeback as a member of the House Republican Leadership and, second, because I believe Republicans will win back the majority in the House of Representatives in 2010.
One year ago I was unanimously elected chairman of the House Republican Conference, the third ranking position in House Republican leadership. I accepted that responsibility because I believed that if Republicans returned to their conservative roots, they could win back the confidence of the American people. And I see it happening every day.

As a Republican leader, I have the opportunity to shape the policy and strategy that will return a Republican majority to the Congress in 2010. So my duty is here, in the House, serving my constituents and my colleagues as we fight to restore a conservative majority to the Congress of the United States. I am not going to leave my post when the fate of the House hangs in the balance. My place is here, in that fight, with the brave men and women who will be winning that victory for the American people.

I also am staying because I believe we will win back the majority in the House of Representatives in 2010, and I am excited to be a part of it. While the opportunity to serve in the United States Senate is significant, I believe the best chance this nation has to restore fiscal discipline, common sense and common values to Washington, D.C., is for conservatives to retake the House in 2010. When we win back the House, we will make history and we will have the power to stop the big government plans of this administration and to steer our nation to a more secure, free and prosperous future.

Last fall, Karen and I completed our first full marathon. We finished the 26.2 miles in just under seven hours despite the rigors on this 50 year-old body and despite many opportunities to step off the track and call it a day. Our inspiration for the day came from a verse in the Bible that reads, “let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us.”

I believe the race marked out for me in 2010 is in the House of Representatives. I believe that if we run that race with conviction and endurance, we can win back the Congress for the common sense and the common values of the American people, turn this tide of big government back and set the stage for a boundless American future.

Thanks to you all who prayed our little family through this difficult decision. I hope that God will someday permit me to perform some wider service to the people of Indiana and the country, but for now my focus must remain on finishing the job I was elected to do by my constituents and my Republican colleagues; representing conservative values in Congress and winning back the House of Representatives.

CPAC Round Up


Liz and Dick Cheney at CPAC

Marco Rubio

Monday, February 15, 2010

CPAC Starts Thursday

Be There or Be Square!
Learn Cool Stuff!
Fight Obama Secrecy – How to Get Records the Government is Hiding
Sponsored by Judicial Watch (1 hour)

Meet Tea Party Movers and Shakers!
Ginni Thomas,
Dana Loesch, St. Louis Tea Party
John O’Hara, author of A New American Tea Party
Jenny Beth Martin, Tea Party Patriots
Teri Christoph, Smart Girl Politics

Meet Cool Leaders like..
Liz Cheney
Hon. Mitt Romney
John Boehner
Rep. Eric Cantor
Rep. Mike Pence
Gov. Tim Pawlenty
Rep. Steve King
Rep. Michele Bachmann (MN)
Dick Morris
Kate Obenshain
Rick Santorum

Meet your favorite Bloggers!!
Erick Erickson,
Jonathan Garthwaite,
Mark Tapscott, Washington Examiner
Tucker Carlson, The Daily Caller
Megan Barth,
David All, David All Group
Matthias Shapiro,
Michelle Oddis, Human Events
Ed Morrissey,
Stephen Crowder, Pajamas Media

See you there!

Sunday, February 14, 2010


No oil money for Roads.... they rather raise your taxes.

“For the life of me, I can’t understand why Democrats in Northern Virginia and Hampton Roads would vote against sending additional money to transportation.” Mullins said.

“In its original form, SB 601 was something that should have made everyone happy — more money for roads that doesn’t come out of taxpayers’ pockets,” he said. “Yet for some reason, the entire Democrat Northern Virginia delegation voted on Monday to send that money to the General Fund. It simply defies logic.”

“Then, when Democrats had the chance to re-think their vote on Wednesday, they went the opposite direction and moved to kill the bill outright on a party-line vote,” Mullins said. “Senator Dick Saslaw went to great lengths to talk about how the money that would be parceled out is nothing but ‘false hope.’”

“But it’s important to remember that ‘false hope’ is what they called offshore drilling just a few years ago. Now, the only thing between the Commonwealth of Virginia and that ‘false hope’ is foot-dragging at the Obama administration’s Interior Department. If anyone is perpetuating false hope it is the Obama administration – not Republicans in Virginia,” he said.

“At the end of the day, the Democrats talk a good game about transportation, but when the rubber meets the road, they’re not interested,” Mullins said. “The only money they want to spend on roads is money that they raise through higher taxes on hard working Virginians.”

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Obama's Valentines Gift to the Country...


President Obama Signs Law Raising Public Debt Limit from $12.4 Trillion to $14.3 Trillion

Instapundit's Take on the Tea Party Convention

If 2009 was the year of taking it to the streets, 2010 is the year of taking it to the polls. With ordinary Americans setting out to reclaim the political process, it's likely to be a bumpy ride for incumbents of both parties. I suspect the Founding Fathers would approve.

Monday, February 8, 2010

House GOP Lets Obama have it Between the Eyes!

House GOP Responds to Obama's Health Care Summit Invite
House GOP Leader John Boehner (R., Ohio) and Whip Eric Cantor (R., Va.) just sent White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel a letter regarding the upcoming health-care summit:

Mr. Emanuel:

We welcome President Obama’s announcement of forthcoming bipartisan health care talks. In fact, you may remember that last May, Republicans asked President Obama to hold bipartisan discussions on health care in an attempt to find common ground on health care, but he declined and instead chose to work with only Democrats. Since then, the President has given dozens of speeches on health care reform, operating under the premise that the more the American people learn about his plan, the more they will come to like it. Just the opposite has occurred: a majority of Americans oppose the House and Senate health care bills and want them scrapped so we can start over with a step-by-step approach focused on lowering costs for families and small businesses.

Just as important, scrapping the House and Senate health care bills would help end the uncertainty they are creating for workers and businesses and thus strengthen our shared commitment to focusing on creating jobs. Assuming the President is sincere about moving forward on health care in a bipartisan way, does that mean he will agree to start over so that we can develop a bill that is truly worthy of the support and confidence of the American people? Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said today that the President is “absolutely not” resetting the legislative process for health care.

If the starting point for this meeting is the job-killing bills the American people have already soundly rejected, Republicans would rightly be reluctant to participate. Assuming the President is sincere about moving forward in a bipartisan way, does that mean he has taken off the table the idea of relying solely on Democratic votes and jamming through health care reform by way of reconciliation? As the President has noted recently, Democrats continue to hold large majorities in the House and Senate, which means they can attempt to pass a health care bill at any time through the reconciliation process.

Eliminating the possibility of reconciliation would represent an important show of good faith to Republicans and the American people.If the President intends to present any kind of legislative proposal at this discussion, will he make it available to members of Congress and the American people at least 72 hours beforehand? Our ability to move forward in a bipartisan way through this discussion rests on openness and transparency. Will the President include in this discussion congressional Democrats who have opposed the House and Senate health care bills? This bipartisan discussion should reflect the bipartisan opposition to both the House bill and the kickbacks and sweetheart deals in the Senate bill. Will the President be inviting officials and lawmakers from the states to participate in this discussion?

As you may know, legislation has been introduced in at least 36 state legislatures, similar to the proposal just passed by the Democratic-controlled Virginia State Senate, providing that no individual may be compelled to purchase health insurance. Additionally, governors of both parties have raised concerns about the additional costs that will be passed along to states under both the House and Senate bills. The President has also mentioned his commitment to have “experts” participate in health care discussions.

Will the Feb. 25 discussion involve such "experts?" Will those experts include the actuaries at the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), who have determined that the both the House and Senate health care bill raise costs – just the opposite of their intended effect – and jeopardize seniors’ access to high-quality care by imposing massive Medicare cuts? Will those experts include the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office, which has stated that the GOP alternative would reduce premiums by up to 10 percent? Also, will Republicans be permitted to invite health care experts to participate? Finally, as you know, this is the first televised White House health care meeting involving the President since last March.

Many health care meetings of the closed-door variety have been held at the White House since then, including one where a sweetheart deal was worked out with union leaders. Will the special interest groups that the Obama Administration has cut deals with be included in this televised discussion?Of course, Americans have been dismayed by the fact that the President has broken his own pledge to hold televised health care talks. We can only hope this televised discussion is the beginning, not the end, of attempting to correct that mistake. Will the President require that any and all future health care discussions, including those held on Capitol Hill, meet this common-sense standard of transparency and openness?

Your answers to these critical questions will help determine whether this will be a truly open, bipartisan discussion or merely an intramural exercise before Democrats attempt to jam through a job-killing health care bill that the American people can’t afford and don’t support. ‘Bipartisanship’ is not writing proposals of your own behind closed doors, then unveiling them and demanding Republican support. Bipartisan ends require bipartisan means.These questions are also designed to try and make sense of the widening gap between the President’s rhetoric on bipartisanship and the reality. We cannot help but notice that each of the President’s recent bipartisan overtures has been coupled with harsh, misleading partisan attacks. For instance, the President decries Republican ‘obstruction’ when it was Republicans who first proposed bipartisan health care talks last May.

The President says Republicans are ‘sitting on the sidelines’ just days after holding up our health care alternative and reading from it word for word. The President has every right to use his bully pulpit as he sees fit, but this is the kind of credibility gap that has the American people so fed up with business as usual in Washington.We look forward to receiving your answers and continuing to discuss ways we can move forward in a bipartisan manner to address the challenges facing the American people.


House Republican Leader John Boehner (R-OH)

House Republican Whip Eric Cantor (R-VA)


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