Friday, January 29, 2010

Frank Wolf Springs Into Action!

via Instapundit.
FRANK WOLF IS CALLING FOR A CONGRESSIONAL PROBE into the dismissal of the New Black Panther case.
Rep. Frank R. Wolf of Virginia told Inspector General Glenn A. Fine in a letter he was "disappointed" in Mr. Fine's "reluctance to investigate the unfounded dismissal of an important voter intimidation case," adding that despite repeated requests for information by members of Congress, the press and the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, the Justice Department "continues to stonewall all efforts to obtain information regarding the cases abrupt dismissal.

"This obstruction should be of great concern to you and merit an immediate investigation," Mr. Wolf said. "Given that neither the Congress nor the commission can obtain critical information from the department, your authority as inspector general is the only way to learn whether the department has engaged in improper conduct with regard to the dismissal of this case and its hostility to the commissions statutory authorities and responsibilities."

He also questioned statements made by New Black Panther Party leader Malik Zulu Shabazz, who he said has been quoted issuing threatening comments toward him and Rep. Lamar Smith, Texas Republican, both of whom have sought information on the case.

According to Mr. Wolf, Mr. Shabazz recently issued a statement that said: "These right-wing white, red-faced, red-neck Republicans are attacking the hell out of the New Black Panther Party, and were organizing now to fight back … We gearing up for a showdown with this cracker … He keep talking — we going to Capitol Hill, were just gearing up right now, well go to Capitol Hill."

Mr. Wolf said, "When laws arent enforced, lawless men like Mr. Shabazz feel more emboldened to spread their intimidation."

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Obama Screws 911 Victims

White House opposes funding health bill for 9/11 victims

The legislators did hold out hope, though. McMahon and others said they would appeal to the President to consider adding 9/11 money to the list of mandatory items, rather than discretionary measures subject to the White House planned budget freeze.

Rush Limbaugh's Letter to Obama

Man Up!

Obama Screws Virginia

The feds won't be forking over the $1.8 billion promised to build the "high speed" rail between Richmond and Washington.

Read all of NORMAN LEAHY's post and use the links , he gives a good background on the issue.

SOTU Speech Analysis Round Up

Justice Alito’s Reaction

A State of the Union in Contradiction

AP Fact Checks Obama

It's the Economy, Stupid

AP Fact Check

The Views of the American People Just Don’t Matter To Me

The "Big Winner" from tonight's speech?
Jimmy Carter.
It's official: Jimmy is no longer the Worst President of my lifetime.... Muhaha

Michelle Malkin

A Window Into His Divisive Soul


In the history of the State of the Union has any President ever called out the Supreme Court by name, and egged on the Congress to jeer a Supreme Court decision, while the Justices were seated politely before him surrounded by hundreds Congressmen?

Obama's answer for America? More Obama OY

Reagans 1982 SOTU

Notice the Difference?

It's going to be a Long 3 years ...

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Live blogging SOTU

Look how he loves the applause and attention.

He's lecturing on the history of the SOTU.. a little history lesson for the masses? OY.

How many times does he say I

He inherited the mess.. such a whiner..
he was aggressive
the worse has passed? HUH???
1 in 10? more like 1 in 20

His Personal story.. bring in the children...

Change not fast enough! LMAO!

Blame Wall Street!
Pettiness Shouting? it's the Republicans Fault? or the tea "baggers" as he calls them.

I'ts congresses fault..

Was the woman to wrote to him ellie light?

how do you measure what if's and saved jobs?


you won't let the banks pay you back!

Democrats love to TAX others, they just don't like to pay them

Saved Jobs? He really does think we're stupid

Tax cuts for people who DON"T PAY TAXES


He is financially retarded.


Recovery act? Yea the stimulus bill is very popular...LOL

The economy is NOT growing again.

Unemployment is up, foreclosures are up, housing sales are down.

Jobs Bill? He's going to spend more money. OY

I lost track of his I's

Do you think Obama could find Pennsylvania on a map?

There he goes spreading the weatlh..... big banks give small banks money to give to business.... hmmmmm is he now King of Banks?

Obama says go build a road or dig a ditch.

Blame Bush? Thanks to Bush there was a 5% unemployment. Our economy grew.

What a small petty man.

Problems have grow worse cause you tripled the debt, stupid man.

The dems are applauding their demise. gotta love it.

Blah blah blah he's incompetent and a damn LIAR

Sarah Palin will be on greta van sustran tonight.. be sure to watch

Now he's on clean energy solar panels?? LOL Nuclear power plants? Hey thats good.

off shore drilling? hmmm I'll believe that when I see it.

CLIMATE BILL? he means Cap and TAX is back. Time to march on DC again.

they're laughing at him about his belief in climate change.

what a fool

trade deals... yeah like the one he messed up in columbia

Nancy Pelosi really should lay off the botox..

now he's on schools..... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
cause ya know the dems have such a successful track record on education...

Spend spend spend spend

He's going to take over student loans

He's gonna give you stuff!!!!!

Uh Oh, he's after colleges and Universities....



He's going to ram it down our throats.


Pack your bags and grab your signs tea partiers, we're going back in!

Michelle's gonna put your kid on a diet with the power of her "smile" heh!!

After spending Trillions he's now going to tell us how he's going to save chump change over 10 years?

Healthcare was complicate and the American people don't understand what's in it for them>... he doesn't have any idea who were are. He's going for Obamacare.

The dems look terrified.

He LIES about dr and nurses supports

Daring the Republicans to come up with a plan.. know damn well they have one and he refused to look at it.

Damn Lies

Still blaming Bush

How about stating 1 FACT slim

McCain couldn't believe his ears

After tripling the debt NOW he wants to stop spending

That TRILLION DOLLARS hasn't been spent.

He's gonna cut govt spending... doesn't get specific,

more spin, more smoke and mirror nonsense.. doesn't want to pass on problems? hahahahaha Like TRILLIONS of DEficitT?

but FIRST he's gonna spend like a drunkin sailor THIS Year and then Freeze spending Next.

They are LAUGHING at HIM!

a deficit of trust about how YOUR washington works Mr Obama

he's bringing up mccain fiengold. he doesn' t like the courts ruling. Alito is shaking his head in disbelief!

the man that spent 1 BILLION most of which no one knows where he got it from.

The earmark King wants to cut earmarks...

He didnt think he would bring the country together? Didn't he campaign on that?

ugh, the republicans have no power to stop your insane Marxist agenda obi

Yeah, nothing more devisive than calling Americans Tea Baggers and Nazi's eh....?

10:09 when will he end this?

,,,,,Now he's telling off the Republicans. Republicans are making noise

NOW he wants to wants to work together? Good luck.He wants them to save him like they saved Clinton. Don't do it!

After blaming Bush for the last 2 years now he wants to put aside the school yard talk?

petty small man child.

on to terrosim,,,,

is he saying he got info from the underwear bomber?

he lies


He killed more terrorists than Bush? LOL!!

Joe Biden looks like he is somewhere else....

He's gonna end the war and bring the troops home in August?
Pandering to his base. disgusting...

do you think he respects the troops?

Me either.

ohh he's gonna give them stuff when he brings them home in August.

He's going to spend billions building a new VA hospital?

well that should be ready in 30 - 40 years

Now he's comparing himself to both Kennedy AND Reagan.... he's going to give up our nukes?

we're so screwed. Russia will give up nothing.

Charles Krauthammer is going to teat him to shreds tomorrow,

He solved the Iran Problem? Irans still building their nukes.

10:19 and he's still yapping

now about Haiti...

10,000 people... no mention of our troops.

More Pandering to the left.....
He's going to end don't ask don't tell. the Generals look thrilled
it won't satisfy the gays who want gay marriage.

We lost faith in YOU , slim.

He wants us to Love our Government.

I don't think he means MSNBC when he talks about media divisive talk.

We're nosiy messy and complicated because we don't want what you're selling.

Keep trying to ram it through and we' ll get noisier.

He brought up poll numbers....

He's worried about losing the dems.

Bringing up nameless people....and trying to get all patriotic ... I find it insulting.

a NEW year has come the old decade is gone.

I am your Messiah, I will save you!

listening to this fraud is a waste of time.....


He's going to keep fighting ..... and So Will WE. THE. PEOPLE!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Tea Party's past and Future

Great article in the examiner

Today, I attended a pen-and-pad session at FreedomWorks, the organization that is probably the closest thing you can point to as the movement's institutional face. Organizers for Tea Party Patriots explained plans for at least two big events this year (another 9-12 march and events on Tax Day), as well as upcoming involvement in political races.
They also discussed their gradual development of a "Contract from America," something Tea Partiers hope to get candidates from both parties to sign. At the meeting, I spoke for a few minutes with a Tea Partier from Philadelphia, a 67-year-old woman named Diana Reimer. With her retirement plans shattered by the economic collapse of 2008, Reimer became a local leader in the cause because she felt helpless watching Washington make a bad situation even worse.
"It's not that President Obama caused all of this," she tells me. "It's just that things are getting worse, and they don't listen to anyone. Talking to my senators -- to Casey and Specter -- is like talking to this wall."

Fimian versus Herrity, Round 1

Keith Fimian is running against Pat Herrity in the Republican primary for the 11th District. The winner will run against the insufferable, arrogant, Obama crony, liberal democrat Gerry Connolly.

We had at Rally at Connolly's this past summer which Keith Fimian attended.

Keith Formally announced his candidacy in August of 2009. Pat recently entered the ring.

Here are two Virginia Bloggers that give some insight into this race...

crystal clear conservative

Mason Conservative

Michelle Bachmann on the Tea Party Movement

What are your views? Do you think the Tea Party movement is about taking over the GOP and running conservative candidates or is it about holding elected officials accountable for their votes ? Or is it the other way around...has the GOP taken over the Tea Party movement?

And here is something else to chew on, if the tea party movement morphs into a Right Wing, won't it lose all credibility as a grassroots , hold their feet to the fire, movement?

just throwing it out there...

Watching Obama Disintegrate is fun!


Obama in Free Fall.... So where are we at twelve months? Obama showed the country his vision of where he wanted us to go; he had both houses of Congress, a toady media, and enormous personal popularity — and he is getting nowhere. Why? Because most Americans are vehemently opposed to taking their country in the direction that Obama, Pelosi, and Reid would prefer.

more say Dem control of Congress is bad for the country.

Jon Stewart now mocking Obama

Obama's ego is just as huge as we feared
“I’ve been doing that with this White House, and they just don’t seem to give it any credibility at all,” Berry said. “They just kept telling us how good it was going to be. The president himself, when that was brought up in one group, said, ‘Well, the big difference here and in ’94 was you’ve got me.’ We’re going to see how much difference that makes now.”

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Bob McDonnell to Give Response to Obama's State of the Union

via Breibart..Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell will deliver the Republican response to President Barack Obama's State of the Union address next Wednesday.

Republican leaders in Congress announced the decision on Thursday in a statement, saying that McDonnell "understands that the American people are more interested in shrinking unemployment than expanding government."

Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky called McDonnell "an impressive public servant and an excellent choice to offer Republican solutions for our country." McDonnell was inaugurated this past week. He won the Democratic-held governorship last fall, one of two major GOP victories. Republicans also unseated a Democrat in New Jersey.

Liberal Media still Shocked Unemployment Continues to Grow!

Initial Jobless Claims Unexpectedly Rise

Remember the good ol' days of 2006 when unemployment was 5% and the NYT was in a panic over those numbers? Now that their "guy" is in office, they make excuses and downplay a 22% unemployment number.
Say buh bye to a market rally... and here comes a double dip recession

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Jim Webb Pretends He didn't Vote for Obamacare

Webb voted for Obamacare knowing full well that the people of Virginia did not support it... Hundreds of people rallied at his offices in Virginia and DC, we made phone calls, wrote emails and signed petitions!Now that he sees that Obama is too unpopular to save his ass, he wants to pretend he didn't go against his constituents wishes when he voted for Obama's takeover of our healthcare. Now he wants to go back to pretending that he a Moderate who listens to "the people". Notice that the CNN writer of the article calls Webb a "MODERATE". ugh, please!

"In many ways the campaign in Massachusetts became a referendum not only on health care reform but also on the openness and integrity of our government process, Sen. Jim Webb of Virginia said in a statement Tuesday after Brown defeated Democrat Martha Coakley in the special election for the late Sen. Edward Kennedy's seat.

"It is vital that we restore the respect of the American people in our system of government and in our leaders. To that end, I believe it would only be fair and prudent that we suspend further votes on health care legislation until Senator-elect Brown is seated."

I say too late for you Senator Webb. If I were you, I'd start thinking about a new career.


“And now, because of your independence, and your trust, I will hold for a time the seat once filled by patriots from John Quincy Adams to John F. Kennedy and his brother Ted. As I proudly take up the duty you have given me, I promise to do my best for Massachusetts and America every time the roll is called.

“I go to Washington as the representative of no faction or interest, answering only to my conscience and to the people. I’ve got a lot to learn in the Senate, but I know who I am and I know who I serve.

“I’m Scott Brown,

“I’m from Wrentham,

“I drive a truck, and I am nobody’s senator but yours.”


Tuesday, January 19, 2010




Live Blogging the Massachusetts Election

Profssor Jacobson of Legal Insurrection is on the job!

Today's the Day

If Scott Brown wins Teddy "I can't swim" Kennedy's senate seat, it's all over for Obama and the Democrats radical left wing agenda.

If Obama and Pelosi insist on shoving the healthcare bill through, be on standby for another huge rally in DC

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I'll be taking some time off from blogging for the next week or two in order to take care of some personal matters.

If anything does come up I will post it here and also send out a "Call to Action" email

As always, if you would like to be placed on my email list for the "Call To Action" or to be notified about the next Rally, please email me at

If you have a rally or event planned that you would like to put on my blog or email a "Call to Action" I am happy to help.

We put the breaks on the takeover of our Healthcare and Cap and Tax with our rallies. They've made fun of us, called us racists, rednecks and disgusting sexual terms, and more and more of us kept showing up!

"We the People" are in the process of taking back our country! You should be proud of yourself for the part you played.

Ciao for now.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Another Republican Victory in Virginia!


Virginia Beach 8th District Republican Jeff Mc Waters has won!


It appears I was too quick to call it for Steve Hunt.... Looks like Dave Marsden won damn

It is up to three 37th District registered voters to challenge Marsden’s "basement Dwellings"

It's the People's Seat, Stupid!

Scott Brown at last nights debate

37th District Votes Today for their Senator!



Monday, January 11, 2010

Vote Tomorrow for 37th District Senator

Vote for Steve Hunt.

The Virginia 37th Senate district consists of Chantilly, Centreville,
Fairfax (in Fairfax County west and south of Fairfax City), Burke and West

The following are the voting precincts in the district...

- Bonnie Brae
- Burke Centre
- Fairview
- Sideburn
- Terra Centre

- Burke
- Centerpointe
- Cherry Run
- Eagle View
- Fair Lakes
- Fair Oaks
- Greenbriar East
- Greenbriar West
- Monument
- Orange
- Parkway
- Pohick
- Popes Head
- Sangster
- South Run
- Valley
- White Oaks
- Willow Springs

- Brookfield
- Bull Run
- Centre Ridge
- Centreville
- Cub Run
- Deer Park
- Dulles
- Green Trails
- London Towne East
- London Towne West
- Old Mill
- Poplar Tree
- Powell
- Rocky Run
- Stone
- Virginia Run

Dave Marsden, the democrat who is running against Steve Hunt doesn't even live in the 37th district, he's given the address of a friend and Krystle wants to know whats up with the fairfax county election board

"Under the Virginia Code, any three registered voters can challenge any other voter’s registration if they have good faith cause to believe that it’s improper. There is no doubt that more than one resident in the 37th District could join in the challenge to Marsden’s voter registration. Why won’t the Fairfax Registrar follow the lead of the Alexandria Registrar and look at the evidence, then make a decision?"

An online blueprint of the Left

The Examiner has a powerpoint which shows the lefts plan on grabbing power ad keeping it. ..... it's "a rare look at how left-wing organizations are working together and plotting a progressive future."

from the Examiner... click HERE fOR the slide show
for a pdf click HERE

Among the more interesting nuggets:
The mention on page 10 of the "Independent Coordinating Entity: America Votes" under which 40 different groups are "working together to coordinate their independent electoral activity."

The Atlas Project, which has compiled a database of more than 100,000 campaign documents. This will mean that future liberal campaigns will not need to reinvent the wheel. AP is also involved in plans for redistricting in key states.

On page 18 us a list of groups that have become prominent with their recent television ad buys promoting one or another of President Obama's agenda items -- the Employee Free Choice Act, health insurance reform, etc

Page 19 looks ahead to the 2010 round of redistricting and how liberal groups are becoming involved to ensure that the process is "fair."

Considering that liberals are supposed to be our intellectual superiors it wasn't t too smart of them to post this online.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

MSM.. "Obama Lied to Us"

Is the MSM now going to try to convince the American people that they were fooled by Obama's Lies and that's the reason for their biased coverage?

Why, yes, I believe they will try..

And These People Want Control of Healthcare

Fake Zip Codes Reported on Stimulus Website

Thirteen Virginia ZIP codes reported to receive $9.5 million in federal stimulus money can’t be found in the state., the federal Web site that reports how the stimulus money is used, lists funding and jobs created by ZIP code. The data is taken from reports filed by the stimulus recipients.

Out of hundreds of ZIP codes listed for Virginia, seven don’t exist and seven are in other states.

Watchdog reporters found similar errors in other states.

Nearly $650,000 was reported as going to six incorrect New Mexico ZIP codes, while in West Virginia, four reported ZIP codes aren’t real, and three are in Virginia.

The problem is akin to one reported by Old Dominion Watchdog in November when congressional districts that don’t exist were reported as receiving stimulus money.

Ed Pound, director of communications for the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board, at the time attributed the problem to an oversight by the fund recipients. He said it appeared that some of those filling out the reports just didn’t know their congressional districts, and therefore listed an inaccurate number.

A few days after reports about the “phantom” Congressional districts were published, staff removed the inaccurate districts and listed all their funding under “unassigned congressional district.”

Who got all this money? Who cashed the checks????

Holy Corruption Batman!

Geithner-led NY Fed told AIG to hide details about bank payouts

When Geithner ran the New York Fed, that organization directed AIG to hide details of its use of bailout funds to pay off banks:

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York, then led by Timothy Geithner, told American International Group Inc. to withhold details from the public about the bailed-out insurer’s payments to banks during the depths of the financial crisis, e-mails between the company and its regulator show.

AIG said in a draft of a regulatory filing that the insurer paid banks, which included Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and Societe Generale SA, 100 cents on the dollar for credit-default swaps they bought from the firm. The New York Fed crossed out the reference, according to the e-mails, and AIG excluded the language when the filing was made public on Dec. 24, 2008. The e-mails were obtained by Representative Darrell Issa, ranking member of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

The New York Fed took over negotiations between AIG and the banks in November 2008 as losses on the swaps, which were contracts tied to subprime home loans, threatened to swamp the insurer weeks after its taxpayer-funded rescue. The regulator decided that Goldman Sachs and more than a dozen banks would be fully repaid for $62.1 billion of the swaps, prompting lawmakers to call the AIG rescue a “backdoor bailout” of financial firms.

“It appears that the New York Fed deliberately pressured AIG to restrict and delay the disclosure of important information,” said Issa, a California Republican. Taxpayers “deserve full and complete disclosure under our nation’s securities laws, not the withholding of politically inconvenient information.” President Barack Obama selected Geithner as Treasury secretary, a post he took last year.

Can we send him to prison yet? Geesh!

Want to Piss off a Liberal?

Shop at Whole Foods...

dang, lib's are petty. You would think they would donate the money this ad cost to one of their millions of pet causes or pet victims.

Uh Oh.. Someone's going Under the Bus...

oh, it's no one Obama appointed, like Obama's safe school czar. But someone has to take the heat for Obama's failure to lead on Christmas Day after the terror attempt.

So it looks like it's going to be this poor slob.
The top official in charge of analyzing terror threats did not cut short his ski vacation after the underwear bomber nearly blew up an airliner on Christmas Day, the Daily News has learned.
Without mentioning Michael Leiter or the NCTC by name, Obama made it plain in a Tuesday speech that there was intelligence in the center's hands that should have been "fully analyzed and fully leveraged" to stop Abdulmutallab from boarding Northwest Flight 253.

Read more here
Never mind that he stayed on vacation like everyone else in Obama's administration... Some one has to be demonized to cover for Obama's failure

What He Said

When I heard that Chris Dodd would be resigning, my initial reaction was, I wonder what he was promised .. well Erick Erickson over at RedState explaines it to me... ( hey, does he have mind reading skills?)

Health Care Suicide Bombers: Instead of 72 Virgins, They Get Ambassadorships

Byron Dorgan and Chris Dodd have blown up a barrel full of socialism, potentially spreading it’s toxic mix all over the country, lowering mortality rates, driving up health care costs, and giving the nation a health care bill no one is happy with.

Now they will quit.

The Republicans need to take note of this because we are, in fact, beginning to see something new from the Democrats. As I and others have written about before, the Democrats recognize there is no longer such a thing as a permanent political majority. Instead, the Democrats can effect a permanent policy shift in the country and are willing to take the hits to do it.

The ramifications of this are huge. Dodd and Dorgan, powerful senators, are taking bullets for the team. They are voting to pass health care deform, knowing that doing so will cause their defeat. So to save face and be martyred, they’ll take themselves out instead of having the voters do it. Obama will reward them not with 72 virgins, but with cushy appointments.

From here on out, I think the Democrats realize they are headed back to the minority. It may take 2012 to make it happen, but with that knowledge, they are going to go all out advancing their radical socialist agenda gambling that the GOP, back in power, will not have the guts or veto proof majorities to roll any of it back.

Stupid Terrorist Tricks

14 terror suspects mistakenly kill themselves
Fourteen suspected terrorists died Tuesday night when the bus they rigged with explosives blew up prematurely, police said.
The explosion occurred as the suspects were riding the bus in the province of Kunduz, said police chief Abdul Raziq Yaqobi.
Yaqobi said the suspects wanted to attack Afghan police or foreign soldiers.

HA... Who comes up with those headlines over at CNN?

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Tea-Party Success Story

Chris Dodd Will Not Seek Reelection!
From National Review..
That's what Peter Wolfgang, executive director of the Family Institute of Connecticut, argues. He tells me: "Dodd was forced out by the Left because he was a sure loser. But he was a sure loser because the people of Connecticut finally held a high-ranking member of the majority party responsible for his misdeeds. And that was only because of the work of grassroots activists who relentlessly shined a light on Dodd's failures. The conservative movement in general and the Tea Party movement in particular should take a bow. Regardless of whatever may happen next in the race for Connecticut's Senate seat, today they slew a giant."

Socialist Democrats Plan to Run against Bush and The Tea Party in the 2010 election

Their master plan is to get all their puppets in the media to paint us all as far right, white racists

Democrats are reportedly busy devising a strategy as a firewall against a citizen revolt at the polls. Rather than emphasize their party's accomplishments, they will attack Republicans for wanting to restore the discredited Bush era. "The Republican party in Washington today is no different than the Republican party that ran the Congress before," Rep. Chris Van Hollen, head of the Democratic House campaign committee, told the liberal Talking Points Memo.

Without delay, campaign strategists are advising Democratic clients to use bloggers, phone banks, direct mail and canvassers to try to create a negative impression of their GOP opponents. Labeling their GOP candidates as being part of the Sarah Palin or Tea Party wing of the GOP will be the key element. One Democratic consultant told Huffington Post that the 2010 election "basically comes down to one thing. You've got to kick the [bleep] out of somebody."

Chris Matthews at the State Owned MSNBC has already begun his propaganda campaign..
This nonsense worked for the 2008 election will Americans fall for it again?

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

David Brooks says Tea Party People are Stupid

and I say David Brooks is a condescending asshole. "We the People" must be having some impact if
the NYT is so threatened by us that they have a op-ed segregating the American people into a class system. David Brooks may have gone to college but he is not educated. He's just another NYC snob who's opinion of himself lacks andy semblance of reality. NYC is full of ASSHOLES like David Brooks.

The Tea Party Teens
The educated class believes in global warming, so public skepticism about global warming is on the rise. The educated class supports abortion rights, so public opinion is shifting against them. The educated class supports gun control, so opposition to gun control is mounting.
The story is the same in foreign affairs. The educated class is internationalist, so isolationist sentiment is now at an all-time high, according to a Pew Research Center survey. The educated class believes in multilateral action, so the number of Americans who believe we should “go our own way” has risen sharply.
A year ago, the Obama supporters were the passionate ones. Now the tea party brigades have all the intensity.
…The Obama administration is premised on the conviction that pragmatic federal leaders with professional expertise should have the power to implement programs to solve the country’s problems. Many Americans do not have faith in that sort of centralized expertise or in the political class generally.

Michelle Malkin lets Brooks have it...And David Brooks has the audacity to paint Tea Party activists as the immature, mentally-challenged ones? Instead of acknowledging, for example, that man-made global theories are in peril because the data manipulation, suppression, and intimidation tactics of conniving, eco-radical academics have been exposed, Brooks paints public skepticism on the issue as a reactionary tantrum.

as does Professor Renyolds..Yes, there’s the air of Brooksian condescenscion toward the great unwashed, but that’s practically required for the NYT columnist gig, and remember, he’s trying to explain this stuff to the Upper West Side crowd. And I’m not so sure he’s using “educated class” in a positive way. See, e.g., “The tea party movement is a large, fractious confederation of Americans who are defined by what they are against. They are against the concentrated power of the educated class. They believe big government, big business, big media and the affluent professionals are merging to form self-serving oligarchy — with bloated government, unsustainable deficits, high taxes and intrusive regulation.”

Democrats Plan on Voter Fraud to stay in Power

Universal Voter Registration

Many are puzzled that Democrats persist in ramming unpopular and destructive legislation down our collective throats while seemingly unconcerned by their plummeting poll numbers. A widespread belief is that the Democrats are committing political suicide and will be swept from one or both houses of Congress with unprecedented electoral losses next November. But since Democrat politicians rarely do things that will not ultimately benefit themselves, this column asked two weeks ago: "what do they know that we don't?"

In January, Chuck Schumer and Barney Frank will propose universal voter registration. What is universal voter registration? It means all of the state laws on elections will be overriden by a federal mandate. The feds will tell the states: 'take everyone on every list of welfare that you have, take everyone on every list of unemployed you have, take everyone on every list of property owners, take everyone on every list of driver's license holders and register them to vote regardless of whether they want to be

If far left writers at the Nation love it, you know it's got to be bad for democracy

Just imagine what ACORN can do with all those names. After a few years, liberals will begin declaring that elections are a waste of time and money and that we should have the government decide who serves

Time for another, "Who ya Gonna Believe?" from the White House

I'm beginning to think the Obama administration enjoys insulting our intelligence.

White House Spokeswoman Says Different Bertha Lewis on Visitor’s Log
Of course, it is possible that this isn’t ACORN’s Bertha Lewis. After a previous dump of visitor records listed the name, Jeremiah Wright, the White House said, ‘oh, that was a different Jeremiah Wright.’ The media, of course, said, ‘okay,’ and never followed up. So, maybe the Bertha Lewis listed here isn’t the CEO of ACORN. Just another Bertha Lewis who gets special weekend access to the White House Residence, complete with an extra-special staff tour. Sure, possible, but we’d love to see a bookie’s odds on that.

Illegals will be eligible for ObamaCare after they are given amnesty

Lawmakers who want to extend health coverage to illegal immigrants will not block the passage of the final health care reform bill so long as the White House offers a substantive promise to start pushing comprehensive immigration legislation this year…

A source familiar with the negotiations between Congress and the White House told TPMDC the Congressional Hispanic Caucus will demand an agreement from Obama that health care coverage for illegals who earn a path to citizenship will be addressed in an immigration bill…

Those familiar with the talks say any immigration legislation will include various amnesty provisions to allow for health care coverage.


Monday, January 4, 2010

'Learn To Speak Tea Bag'

National Public Radio, a taxpayer funded org has a video that ridicules people who oppose Government Spending.
'Learn To Speak Tea Bag'
Be sure to read the comments..

War on Terror? What War on Terror?

The Obama administration still refuses to acknowledge that we are still at war, even though a muslim jihadist attempted to blow up a plane on Christmas day.

Here is a website which has some war on terror news... maybe Obama should consider visiting it.

and btw, a jihadist inDenmark attempted to murder the Danish cartoonist who drew this cartoon

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year