Friday, April 11, 2014

Shaun Kenney On the Run

Shaun Kenney is getting the kind of attention he's wanted all his life. Unfortunately,  he's not getting it for the reasons he's hoped for.

Daily Caller

"Virginia Republican Party executive director Shaun Kenney was a “no show” to conservative host Laura Ingraham’s radio program Thursday.
Ingraham was prepared to question Kenney about his statements that conservatives who oppose amnesty are afraid of “The Other” and that “nativists” should be driven out of the Republican party. Kenney made the statements in an office meeting that included former SEIU secretary-treasurer Eliseo Medina."

Laura Ingraham    

Glen Renyolds of posted...  WE’VE SEEN THIS LATELY. CALL ME CRAZY, BUT I DON’T THINK IT’LL WIN ELECTIONS. GOP Official Says His Party’s Full Of Bigots.

Sara for America blog
 Oh My. Shaun, If You’re Sick Please Get Well Soon

   TWITTER too!

Know who's been silent on the entire debacle? 
Shaun Kenney and the gang over at Bearing Drift   ..  Even his flying monkey, Brian Schoeneman  has been laying low.

Who are these players at Bearing Drift?   Greg, over at Black Velvet Bruce Li lays it out

Norm Leahy, Managing Partner, Virginia Line Media, LLC, fundraising, messaging, branding and creative communications
Shaun Kenny, K6 Consulting Group, Consulting, fundraising & social media
Jason Kenny, K6 Consulting Group, Consulting, fundraising & social media
Stephen Spiker, Mercury LLC, Communications and Political Consulting
Brian Kirwin, Rourk Public Relations, Political Consultants
Brian Schoneman, General Counsel & Board member, Virginia Line LLC

Very Cozy 

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