Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Virginia GOP's War on their members

In a desperate attempt to hold on to their power the Virginia GOP has had a concerted effort to marginalize the Tea Party and define them as "Radicals" "Racists" & "Nativist" ( ask Tito Munoz and Shaun Kenney what that is) they've had their online GOONS harassing & bullying tea party members in blogs , on facebook and at GOP meetings. I say that Virginia Tea Party Americans should take the hint and accept the fact that we are unwelcomed in today's Republican Party of Virginia. We should stop supporting them with our time and money and come election day we should stay home.

People like Brian Schoeneman , Bill Bolling and Shaun Kenney have said that tea party people are to RADICAL for the GOP, they have said that we scare independents from joining the party. So then,why should we stay where we're not welcome? Let them try to win elections without us. NO DONATIONS, NO VOLUNTEERING, NO VOTING.

John Galt

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