Tuesday, April 15, 2014

When You Are Already In A Deep Hole, Stop Digging

 The following was a comment posted by a reader of this article  over at Virginia Virtucon

This reader  hit every point so brilliantly that I just have to share....
and can you  guess who showed up calling people names  .. can someone find that man a real job ?

 " What is being missed here is the fact that it wasn’t that Shaun Kenney met with some people in his office that has added so much fuel to the already raging flames between the differing factions in the Republican party, it goes back to Mr. Kenney’s article from a while ago where he called those that didn’t see eye to eye with him on his ideas of immigration reform “nativists” and outreageously said that they needed to get out of the Republican party. That is absolutely what has caused more than a little stir. 
Mr. Kenney’s article was posted on the Daily Caller yesterday, along with direct quotes from that article. Brian Shoenman’s recent article titled something like the Nattering Nabobs of Nativism was also linked, along with his comment where he claims that “he too is trying to get rid of the new generation of those that were wearing white sheets 50 years ago. ”
 This has now hit WMAL talk radio. This morning the question was put to the listening audience as to how those felt about a guy, Shaun Kenney, who is now the face of the Republican party in VA, calling those that don’t agree with him on immigration reform nativists, and that they need to be purged from the party. Fair question to be sure, as the words are Mr. Kenney’s. The DC article was also linked at WeaselZippers website.
It wasn’t bad enough that those flames were already raging, Mr. Kenney was a guest on the Charlottesville Coy Barefoot talk show at just after 4 PM. He did nothing to walk back his nativist comments, he doubled down on them. He again repeated that those that didn’t agree with his position on immigration reform were nativists who function from anger and animous, and I quote “they need to get out of my party.” He talks about those that see some as “the other” clearly implying that those that do not agree are racists. Then he goes on to say that his job is to grow the Republican party in VA. Yet he just told a huge number of those already in the party to get out and leave.
It’s unfortunate but I do believe that Mr. Kenney will in fact get his wish. So to will Mr. Shoenman who had the temerity to call those that disagree the KKK. Apparently Mr. Shoenman doesn’t seem to remember that it was in fact the Democrats that started the KKK, Jim Crow laws and who stood in the school house doors all those years ago.

I humbly have a suggestion to make. When you are already in a deep hole, stop digging"

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