Monday, January 11, 2010

Vote Tomorrow for 37th District Senator

Vote for Steve Hunt.

The Virginia 37th Senate district consists of Chantilly, Centreville,
Fairfax (in Fairfax County west and south of Fairfax City), Burke and West

The following are the voting precincts in the district...

- Bonnie Brae
- Burke Centre
- Fairview
- Sideburn
- Terra Centre

- Burke
- Centerpointe
- Cherry Run
- Eagle View
- Fair Lakes
- Fair Oaks
- Greenbriar East
- Greenbriar West
- Monument
- Orange
- Parkway
- Pohick
- Popes Head
- Sangster
- South Run
- Valley
- White Oaks
- Willow Springs

- Brookfield
- Bull Run
- Centre Ridge
- Centreville
- Cub Run
- Deer Park
- Dulles
- Green Trails
- London Towne East
- London Towne West
- Old Mill
- Poplar Tree
- Powell
- Rocky Run
- Stone
- Virginia Run

Dave Marsden, the democrat who is running against Steve Hunt doesn't even live in the 37th district, he's given the address of a friend and Krystle wants to know whats up with the fairfax county election board

"Under the Virginia Code, any three registered voters can challenge any other voter’s registration if they have good faith cause to believe that it’s improper. There is no doubt that more than one resident in the 37th District could join in the challenge to Marsden’s voter registration. Why won’t the Fairfax Registrar follow the lead of the Alexandria Registrar and look at the evidence, then make a decision?"

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