Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Tea Party's past and Future

Great article in the examiner

Today, I attended a pen-and-pad session at FreedomWorks, the organization that is probably the closest thing you can point to as the movement's institutional face. Organizers for Tea Party Patriots explained plans for at least two big events this year (another 9-12 march and events on Tax Day), as well as upcoming involvement in political races.
They also discussed their gradual development of a "Contract from America," something Tea Partiers hope to get candidates from both parties to sign. At the meeting, I spoke for a few minutes with a Tea Partier from Philadelphia, a 67-year-old woman named Diana Reimer. With her retirement plans shattered by the economic collapse of 2008, Reimer became a local leader in the cause because she felt helpless watching Washington make a bad situation even worse.
"It's not that President Obama caused all of this," she tells me. "It's just that things are getting worse, and they don't listen to anyone. Talking to my senators -- to Casey and Specter -- is like talking to this wall."

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