Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Live blogging SOTU

Look how he loves the applause and attention.

He's lecturing on the history of the SOTU.. a little history lesson for the masses? OY.

How many times does he say I

He inherited the mess.. such a whiner..
he was aggressive
the worse has passed? HUH???
1 in 10? more like 1 in 20

His Personal story.. bring in the children...

Change not fast enough! LMAO!

Blame Wall Street!
Pettiness Shouting? it's the Republicans Fault? or the tea "baggers" as he calls them.

I'ts congresses fault..

Was the woman to wrote to him ellie light?

how do you measure what if's and saved jobs?


you won't let the banks pay you back!

Democrats love to TAX others, they just don't like to pay them

Saved Jobs? He really does think we're stupid

Tax cuts for people who DON"T PAY TAXES


He is financially retarded.


Recovery act? Yea the stimulus bill is very popular...LOL

The economy is NOT growing again.

Unemployment is up, foreclosures are up, housing sales are down.

Jobs Bill? He's going to spend more money. OY

I lost track of his I's

Do you think Obama could find Pennsylvania on a map?

There he goes spreading the weatlh..... big banks give small banks money to give to business.... hmmmmm is he now King of Banks?

Obama says go build a road or dig a ditch.

Blame Bush? Thanks to Bush there was a 5% unemployment. Our economy grew.

What a small petty man.

Problems have grow worse cause you tripled the debt, stupid man.

The dems are applauding their demise. gotta love it.

Blah blah blah he's incompetent and a damn LIAR

Sarah Palin will be on greta van sustran tonight.. be sure to watch

Now he's on clean energy solar panels?? LOL Nuclear power plants? Hey thats good.

off shore drilling? hmmm I'll believe that when I see it.

CLIMATE BILL? he means Cap and TAX is back. Time to march on DC again.

they're laughing at him about his belief in climate change.

what a fool

trade deals... yeah like the one he messed up in columbia

Nancy Pelosi really should lay off the botox..

now he's on schools..... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
cause ya know the dems have such a successful track record on education...

Spend spend spend spend

He's going to take over student loans

He's gonna give you stuff!!!!!

Uh Oh, he's after colleges and Universities....



He's going to ram it down our throats.


Pack your bags and grab your signs tea partiers, we're going back in!

Michelle's gonna put your kid on a diet with the power of her "smile" heh!!

After spending Trillions he's now going to tell us how he's going to save chump change over 10 years?

Healthcare was complicate and the American people don't understand what's in it for them>... he doesn't have any idea who were are. He's going for Obamacare.

The dems look terrified.

He LIES about dr and nurses supports

Daring the Republicans to come up with a plan.. know damn well they have one and he refused to look at it.

Damn Lies

Still blaming Bush

How about stating 1 FACT slim

McCain couldn't believe his ears

After tripling the debt NOW he wants to stop spending

That TRILLION DOLLARS hasn't been spent.

He's gonna cut govt spending... doesn't get specific,

more spin, more smoke and mirror nonsense.. doesn't want to pass on problems? hahahahaha Like TRILLIONS of DEficitT?

but FIRST he's gonna spend like a drunkin sailor THIS Year and then Freeze spending Next.

They are LAUGHING at HIM!

a deficit of trust about how YOUR washington works Mr Obama

he's bringing up mccain fiengold. he doesn' t like the courts ruling. Alito is shaking his head in disbelief!

the man that spent 1 BILLION most of which no one knows where he got it from.

The earmark King wants to cut earmarks...

He didnt think he would bring the country together? Didn't he campaign on that?

ugh, the republicans have no power to stop your insane Marxist agenda obi

Yeah, nothing more devisive than calling Americans Tea Baggers and Nazi's eh....?

10:09 when will he end this?

,,,,,Now he's telling off the Republicans. Republicans are making noise

NOW he wants to wants to work together? Good luck.He wants them to save him like they saved Clinton. Don't do it!

After blaming Bush for the last 2 years now he wants to put aside the school yard talk?

petty small man child.

on to terrosim,,,,

is he saying he got info from the underwear bomber?

he lies


He killed more terrorists than Bush? LOL!!

Joe Biden looks like he is somewhere else....

He's gonna end the war and bring the troops home in August?
Pandering to his base. disgusting...

do you think he respects the troops?

Me either.

ohh he's gonna give them stuff when he brings them home in August.

He's going to spend billions building a new VA hospital?

well that should be ready in 30 - 40 years

Now he's comparing himself to both Kennedy AND Reagan.... he's going to give up our nukes?

we're so screwed. Russia will give up nothing.

Charles Krauthammer is going to teat him to shreds tomorrow,

He solved the Iran Problem? Irans still building their nukes.

10:19 and he's still yapping

now about Haiti...

10,000 people... no mention of our troops.

More Pandering to the left.....
He's going to end don't ask don't tell. the Generals look thrilled
it won't satisfy the gays who want gay marriage.

We lost faith in YOU , slim.

He wants us to Love our Government.

I don't think he means MSNBC when he talks about media divisive talk.

We're nosiy messy and complicated because we don't want what you're selling.

Keep trying to ram it through and we' ll get noisier.

He brought up poll numbers....

He's worried about losing the dems.

Bringing up nameless people....and trying to get all patriotic ... I find it insulting.

a NEW year has come the old decade is gone.

I am your Messiah, I will save you!

listening to this fraud is a waste of time.....


He's going to keep fighting ..... and So Will WE. THE. PEOPLE!


  1. He is as pathetic as an abuser.

  2. He's the BIGGEST finger pointer ever, and he's talking about no more finger pointing.