Tuesday, September 29, 2009

When's the Next Tea Party?

Many people have asked me when the next tea party protest will be.
There are people organizing protests, the group OPERATION CAN YOU HEAR US NOW is planning to protest media outlets all over the country on October 17th which is a Saturday .

I thought about organizing a rally outside WaPo's DC headquarters, but I think it would have to be held on a weekday to impact them, since thats when all the reporters and editors are there. I decided against it because it's so soon after the incredible 912 March on DC. But this is definitely something to think about...Maybe after the Nov. elections..

But if you or anyone you know wants to organize a rally for Oct 17, at a news station or newspaper, I will do whatever I can to help you including posting here and sending out emails!

So, when's the next event? I think after the Virginia Elections. This election is very important to Obama and the Democrats! They need to win Virginia. Their Thugs at the SEIU and ACORN have been pumping MILLIONS into Virginia.
I know it's not every ones favorite thing to do and I would rather be at a rally sticking a sign in some tax and spend politicians face too, but We need to push the UNIONS back to NYC by getting the Republican team Of McDonnell , Bolling, Cuccinelli and any republican delegate elected.
Could you imagine Cuccinelli ever allowing the SEIU to run Virginia?

Please help out in some way.


On the side bar of my blog I have all the delegates who are running listed by district, with links to their web pages http://www.novateapartypatriots.blogspot.com/
Here are gop websites..

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