Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Virginia District 11 Results in Limbo...

This is what happens when "someone" screws with the machines.

In the still-undecided congressional race between incumbent Democrat Gerald Connolly and Republican challenger Keith Fimian, both sides on Wednesday claimed they would ultimately prevail in a contest that could come down to a recount.

Some provisional ballots, those cast by voters who had enCheck Spelling

countered a problem at the polls, were still being counted Wednesday and precinct totals were being double-checked. But the Connolly campaign claimed the math was on their side and Connolly delivered what amounted to a victory speech late Tuesday, even though Fimian has not yet conceded the race.

Depending on what vote tallies reveal, a recount is a distinct possibility. There are no automatic recounts in the state. The losing candidate can request one after the election results are certified if the margin is 1 percent or less of the total votes cast in the race.

But Tim Edson, Fimian's campaign manager, stressed that their focus on Wednesday was simply on getting the outstanding votes counted.

"We're optimistic that when all the votes are counted that Keith will be the next congressman for the 11th District," he said.

The board of elections will meet to certify the election results on Nov. 22. Fimian would have until Dec. 2

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