Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Around the Country Election Results

Worst Defeat in 68 years!

Virginia is Back to being RED! Eric Cantor will be the Majority Leader. Wolf won re-election and 3 Dems lost their seat. We are waiting for results from the Fimian/ Connolly race as there was problems with 2 voting machines in Fairfax.

New REPUBLICAN Governors - Rick Snyder in Michigan, Bill Haslam in Tennessee, Sam Brownback in Kansas, Tom Corbert in Pennsylvania, Scott Walker in Wisconsin, Matt Mead in Wyoming, John Kasich in Ohio , Terry Branstad in Iowa, Susan Martinez in New Mexico, Mary Fallin in Oklahoma. Nikki Haley in South Carolina, Jan Brewer in Arizona, Brian Sandoval in Navada, Rick Perry in Texas, Gary Herbert in Utah, Nathan Deal in Georgia, Dave Heineman Nebraska ,
still waiting for results from Ct, Fl, Il and others.

Florida, Wisconsin, Ohio and Pennsylvania turned RED! Republicans SWEEP house and governor races! Not a good sign for Obama in 2012

UPDATE: MAINE goes RED! First time in 50 years!
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California and New York Voters just signed their States Death Certificates..
In California, Gerry Brown is now Governor
Barbara Boxer is still Senator
In New York, Andrew Cuomo is now Governor, Chuck the schmuck Schumer is still Senator
Two of the highest taxed states with high unemployment rates just reelected the same party that got them where they are. Both BIG UNION states! hmmmm..How long before "we" have to bail them and their bankrupt pension system out?

and from RedState
This was a Tsunami

The North Carolina Legislature is Republican for the first time since 1870. Yes, that is Eighteen Seventy.

The Alabama Legislature is Republican for the first time since 1876.

For those saying this is nothing because it is the South, consider these:

The entire Wisconsin and New Hampshire legislatures have flipped to the GOP by wide margins.

The State Houses in Indiana, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio, Iowa, Montana, and Colorado flipped to the GOP.

The Maine and Minnesota Senates flipped to the GOP.

The Texas and Tennessee Houses went from virtually tied to massive Republican gains. The gains in Texas were so big that the Republicans no longer need the Democrats to get state constitutional amendments out of the state legislature.

These gains go all the way down to the municipal level across the nation. That did not happen even in 1994.

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