Thursday, November 4, 2010


From the Fimian Campaign

As you know, we are locked in one of the closest congressional elections in the country. The unofficial election night returns showed a razor-thin difference of about 400 votes between the candidates out of over 220,000 cast. Today we have been working through the post-election canvass process in which local elections officials scrub and double-check the unofficial election night totals, review provisional ballots, and send their results to Richmond for certification by state officials later this month. At this minute, we still do not know what those results will be.
The post-election process is first and foremost a legal process which aims to ensure that all ballots lawfully cast in the election are counted, and that the resulting votes are tabulated accurately. This process has required us to hire an experienced election lawyer and continue paying staff to engage a strike force of several dozen volunteers who are vigilantly monitoring the process for us.

Keith has been very grateful for your support of his message of creating jobs and reducing spending, but now we need to turn to you again and ask for an urgent on-line contribution to pay campaign expenses to support our post-election efforts and bring home a hard-fought victory.
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Looks like it will be a while before we know the outcome..

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