Monday, April 5, 2010

Look Who Embraces ALL of Obama's FAILED and UNPOPULAR POLICIES!

Why non other than Richard Anthony, one of Frank Wolf's democratic challengers...and yes, folks he's bragging about it. Way to go Mr Anthony, I'm sure any day now, TARP, Obamacare, Cap and Tax and throwing money we don't have after SOCIALIST programs will become popular with the American people...

Mr Anthony took all of Obama's policies and talking points and simply cut and pasted them on his website. He also has contempt for the TEA PARTY MOVEMENT

Tea Party 48% Obama 44% On major issues, 48% of voters say that the average Tea Party member is closer to their views than President Barack Obama.

He has also recently twittered that he misses Chuck Caputo and hates peeps Easter candy... come on, is his campaign some kind of joke?

and then there is this...

This twitter message from Richard Anthony, who is running for the democrat nomination to face Frank Wolf, in Virginia’s 10th District says it all.

Watching Jim Moran on MSNBC. He makes me proud to be a Democrat and I look forward to working with him in Congress once we beat Frank Wolf.

Jim Moran is one of the most corrupt and incompetent Congressmen from Virginia.

Virginian's deserve better, hell, even liberals deserve better.

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