Monday, April 5, 2010

Famous Cows Endorse Connolly

A group of famous cows have endorsed Gerry Connolly for re-election. The endorsement comes on the heels of a flurry of press releases about Connolly's record of trading earmarks for campaign contributions.

Cows have been slowly becoming politically aware of their individual rights and have been watching Congress for legislators who support bovine rights. Congressman Connolly is the first such endorsement in Virginia because of his full-throated support for pork.

Daisy the Cow, spokesCow for Cows for Connolly PAC said, "Moooo. Geeerrrry Coooonnoooly's support for pork is a wonderful idea. We support all career poiticians who favor pork over everything else. We like Geeeeerry Coooonnnolly's platfrom. Pork for Breakfast. Pork for Lunch. Pork for Dinner. Pork for all contributors. Also Cooooonnolly's supports a ban on fundraisers at Steakhouses. Moooo for Connolly."

While Virginia might be known for its Smithfield Hams, the northern Virginia Congressman is known for his $3,000,000,000+ in pork for his district. More pork than all other Virginia congressmen combined!

Many cows have begun maxing out their contributions to Rep. Connolly. They’re hoping he will continue his tradition of paying back supporters by submitting additional pork for their industries.

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