Thursday, October 29, 2009


Chuck Caputo is Another Democrat who Thinks Voters are Stupid

What is it with the dems insulting the American people's intelligence every time there is an election or a Bill they want to pass? They lie, mislead and go so far off the grid that you wonder if they are really that stupid or is it they think that "We the People" are that stupid. Just because Obama was elected doesn't mean "We the People" are stupid. It just means that too many of us weren't paying close enough attention.

Yesterday I got a mailer from Chuck Caputo, on the front was a picture of a white, blond, little girl with bruises on her face. The heading said " JIM LEMUNYON WOULD ALLOW HER ABUSER TO BUY A GUN"
It goes on to explain that Federal Law prohibits convicted abusers but leaps to the conclusion that Jim LeMunyon wants abusers to have guns because he says the Federal Law is enough.

This ad not only is a ridiculous LIE and disgraceful display of desperation it insults the intelligence of the Voters in Virginia. Anyone who believes this ad should not be allowed to vote. And any politician who approved such a ad should be thrown out of office. This add has the corrupt, greasy fingerprints of the "CHICAGO WAY Democrat Party" all over it.

In previous posts, I said Chuck Caputo was a nice guy but the wrong guy. After yesterdays ad I no longer believe that. Chuck Caputo is just another lying politician who will say and do anything to keep his job and has no problem insulting your intelligence in order to do it. Teach Chuck Caputo and all politicians that the way to keep their job is not by lying, misleading and cheating but by doing what is best for all the voters not just his UNION bosses.

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