Thursday, October 29, 2009


More Greasy Dirty Fingers of the "CHICAGO WAY Democrat Party" all over another Chuck Caputo Ad.
This ad has the picture of a father holding a photo of his daughter who was a victim of the Virginia Tech Shooting.

It says "Chuck Caputo is making sure such a tragedy never happens again."

There they go insulting our intelligence again!
How is Chuck Caputo going to do that with a part time job as a delegate?

It says in the ad that Chuck will 'ADVOCATE FOR COMMON SENSE GUN LAWS" Good Grief! Does anyone in Fairfax County believe that gun laws stop gun crime? We live a stones throw from DC where they have strict gun laws and thousands of gun murders a year . Same with Chicago!

In order to produce this flyer, Chuck Caputo's people had to contact a grieving Father months ago and ask his permission to USE the MURDER of his daughter for Chucks Political Gain. What kind of despicable person even comes up with such an idea let alone implements and approves it?!

Wrap those facts around your brain and then ask yourself if you want a man like that representing you.
Chuck Caputo has stooped to a new low in local Virginia politics. He's a disgrace

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