Thursday, October 22, 2009

About that New Guard vs Old Guard..

Here is more evidence ...

Dan Riehl talks about the "civil war" within the GOP over the NY23 race

"But how conservatives win the current civil war within the GOP is important to me. We must build the party up and become strong, not simply tear things down because we disagree with them.
"Show up and do the work if you really want to make a difference. Otherwise, you might just as well shut up for all the good effect you’ll have influencing the political future of this great land. Perhaps it’s time for more conservatives to start paying back in that sense, instead of whining and yelling about why the GOP is not paying off. What, besides maybe a small donation and a lot of criticism, have you given the GOP lately? Get involved. In politics, that and nothing else is the critical difference between victory and defeat."

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