Sunday, October 3, 2010

Constitutional Amendment That Would Give States The Ability to Repeal Congressional Acts ??

What a GREAT idea!

“It restores a lot of the sovereignty and a lot of the power that the states have lost,” said Marianne Moran, executive director of and *former executive director of Tea Party In Action.
Georgetown Law Professor Randy Barnett initially devised the idea in a 2009 Wall Street Journal opinion piece, which drew the attention of numerous Tea Party activists.

Getting the backing of 34 states, the magic number needed under Article V of the U.S. Constitution to call a constitutional convention, could be an uphill climb, but Moran is undaunted.

Virginia will be the first state to vote on issuing a resolution calling for a constitutional convention to discuss what Moran calls the “Repeal Amendment” when its House of Delegates convenes in January.

“The founding fathers who put together our Constitution … were very, very concerned about the power a large federal government, which … was the driving reason behind the first 10 amendments; a lot of what they feared has come to pass,” Virginia House Speaker Bill Howell told The Daily Caller. “I think it is vitally important that we restore some of that balance, which has been taken away.”

Howell hopes to get bipartisan support for the resolution when he brings it up for a vote next year, and he has been working with state legislators in other states to convince them to back similar resolutions.

The amendment would give the states the power to overturn federal laws even if they have the president’s signature.

“It takes 34 states to petition Congress and call for an Article 5 convention,” Howell said. “I think if Congress saw 30, 32 … states passing resolutions calling for the convention they would act ̶ they’ve done that in the past…They did it with the Seventeenth Amendment and with other efforts.”

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