Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Obama Neuters America

Can we call him a Anti American Marxist yet?
“This president has taken so many steps backward in dealing with national security,” Giuliani concludes. “Beyond this nuclear policy, this is still an administration in a state of confusion about how to deal with terrorism. They’re out of control. And they have shown an inability to make tough decisions. It’s not inconsequential how the president dithers over so many issues, yet when it comes to dealing with Israel, one of our strongest allies, he doesn’t show much ambiguity. With Israel, he has been extremely hostile. His treatment of the Israeli prime minister [during his recent Washington visit] was shocking.”
Obama Limits When U.S. Would Use Nuclear Arms
“We anticipate a communiqué that spells out very clearly, here’s how we’re going to achieve locking down all the nuclear materials over the next four years.”
National Review
the mere fact that the United States will fail to reverse the steady obsolescence of its deterrent — and the atrophying of the skilled workforce needed to sustain it — will ineluctably achieve what is transparently President Obama’s ultimate goal: a world without American nuclear weapons.
Roger Simon wonders if Obama is mentally fit to govern.

President Weirdo Goes Anti-Nuke
What are we to make of this and the man who is adopting this policy? Does he hate us? Does he hate this country? What would he do if there was, for example, a massive small pox attack on the U.S.? Send in the infantry? Call in the Marines? Try to reason with whoever did it and recommend they negotiate as the fatal disease spreads to millions of people?

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