Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Obama Hates Black & Hispanic People

Jobless Numbers Show Minorities Crushed by Team Obama Policies
While the unemployment for white Americans averaged 9.3%, African Americans averaged 16.6%, just a little less than double the rate of white unemployment. Hispanic Americans reported 13.3% unemployment, while recent, young veterans are averaging 14.7%. Black men, over 20 years old, are showing 20.2% unemployment and teenaged, African Americans, ages 16-19, of both sexes, show a mind-boggling 39.3% unemployed. Hispanic teens also report a staggering 30.3% unemployment. The long-term repercussions of these unemployment numbers are troubling, yet the Administration is curiously silent.

Outrageous and slanderous for me to say Obama hates Blacks and Hispanics you say? the results of his policies says differently.. and if Liberals could say that Bush Hated blacks when the Levies broke in LA, which he had NOTHING to do with, then it's not a stretch for me to say Obama is a racist when HIS POLICIES are having a direct impact on people of color.

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