Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Is the Tea Party Movement Getting too Big to Succeed?

Erick Erickson asks, answers and tells us what direction he's heading in...
a bunch of tea parties, or at least one saying it was doing it for more, put out a press release announcing the birth of the National Tea Party Federation, which is not an organization, not a structure, not a new set of leaders, but an evolution of alliances of 19 tea party organizations and a handful of other groups, except for the Tea Party Patriots, which has worked overtime to be simply a volunteer group of concerned activists who neither get paid nor make money. Yeah, I have a soft spot for Tea Party Patriots living up to their ideal.

I have always worked on behalf of Tea Party Patriots, I never collected dues, held meetings or had political ambitions.. The infighting and competition between some people operating under the Tea Party Label in Virginia turned me off and left me here to operate my little tea party group through this blog and email list. It was obvious to me after the 912 March that the Tea Party meme was being swallowed up by larger more politically savvy and ambitious people who had their own political agendas and wanted to bottle the energy of a true grassroots movement. I stay true and connected to Tea Party Patriots. And Eric Erickson has a great point, now is the time to put down the protest signs and get behind candidates we want to win in 2010 and 2012. The best way is to volunteer and raise money even if the candidate doesn't live in our district
I would love to know what your views are...

Update over at RedState Be sure to read the comments


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