Tuesday, March 2, 2010

MSM Covers "Coffee Parties"

Remember when the Thousands of people showing up in front of their Senators and Congresspersons offices or town hall meetings across the country couldn't get a mention in the NYT or the Wash Post?
Remember when a MILLION People marched on DC 912 and they barely mentioned that?

Well some lefty group that calls themselves the Coffee Party has started up as a anti Tea Party group and after just 2 weeks the Washington Post and the New York Times can barely contain their excitement!

so, 40 people showing up at a coffee house in LA is a movement to promote but 1 MILLION people coming from all over the country to DC means we have a racism redneck problem...?

via Hotair

here's one of their video..

More from Big Journalism...

WaPo Ignores Tea Parties, Astroturfs the ‘Coffee Parties’ — World Amazed

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