Friday, February 19, 2010


And They do...

Far too many people are hitching their wagons to the tea party movement calling themselves "leaders"
You should know what kind of group you're joining, know their history, where they came from and what their agenda is before your join, especially if they collect dues and hold meetings with "talking points"

There are many groups out there who want to squeeze politicians with the power of the tea party name to advance their own political and ideological agenda's and really have no ties to the Tea Party Patriots, Freedom Works, or Americans for Prosperity groups.

Some of these groups are looking to run their own candidates, run for office themselves or lobby on the state and federal level...Now, there is nothing wrong with this as long as they are up front about their intentions, and what they plan to do with the dues you're giving them

My question about this type of tea party is Why trade in one group of political leaders with agenda's for another? How are they different than the people currently in power in the GOP?

The Tea Party Movement was started to hold elected officials and Party Big Wigs accountable for their vote and decisions, band together to support politicans who run support Conservative Values however YOU define them.

Suddenly we have tea party groups running candidates against the GOP or trying to MICROMANAGE how elected officials vote in their state legislature. You shouldn't harass a state senator or delegate every time you don't like his vote.. Nothing will ever get done!

This is a wonderful time to be involved in politics. Let's keep it for the People! Let's not trade in one group of Leaders for Another!

Please feel free to leave me your ideas on the future of the tea party movement.

Karl Rove puts it well...

The tea partiers have made an important splash because they are not yet another auxiliary to the Democratic or Republican parties. Like the pro-life and Second Amendment movements before it, the tea party movement will have a bigger impact if it holds the feet of politicians in both parties to its fire. Each party must know it can win or lose swing tea party voters.
A small fraction of the tea partiers' leadership are ambitious individuals who haven't been able to hold office in either the GOP or Democratic Party. Some are from fringe groups like the John Birch Society or the remnants of the LaRouchies. Others see the tea party movement as a recruiting pool for volunteers for Ron Paul's next presidential bid.

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