Friday, October 30, 2009

Unhinged Chuck Caputo thugs and their children Harass Jim LeMunyon

Not that Jim didn't handle himself with poise and class, but what kind of degenerate politician has their supporters show up to harass their opponent? What kind of parent has their teenager engage in such a disrespectful display? I wonder if the teen in the report was one of the teens in the illegal and unethical photo taken at Chantilly HS.

The examiner reports

the most contentious point of the evening came from two Caputo supporters who berated Jim LeMunyon on his social stances. One gentleman had to be asked by the moderators to refrain from his increasingly hostile and incomprehensible line of questioning after accosting Mr. LeMunyon for not supporting abortion or his wishes to marry another man. Mr. LeMunyon tried to calmly state his position but was continually interrupted by the irate man.

After an almost identical question from a teenager in the audience Mr. LeMunyon explained,"I think it's important that the government leave people alone, to get back to the idea of limited government. There are going to be those cases when government needs to interact and intersect with those positions. My positions are very clear on that and I understand that people disagree on those things."

When the teenager continued to press for a different answer Mr. LeMunyon said, "I respect your point of view and we will have to agree to disagree."

A Chuck Caputo supporter then proceeded to yell out an expletive not suitable for print.
Mr. LeMunyon bravely held his own and responded, "I’m proud of my pro-life stance."

The attacks on Mr. LeMunyon seemed too rehearsed to be by chance. In a recent television ad, Mr. LeMunyon berates Del. Caputo for going on vacation instead of attending a special legislative session on transportation in 2008, missing 39 votes. In that ad he shows a picture of his opponent wearing a festive Hawaiian lei. In a supposed sign of solidarity for missing those votes, about 15 Caputo supporters wore lei’s to the forum. Those supporters were at the center of the agitation for Mr. LeMunyon and the GOP candidates.

Chuck Caputo is the kind of man who has his supporters harass his opponent at a meeting, he is the kind of man who uses the families of murder victims in his ads to mislead voters, He is the kind of man who uses our children and public schools while breaking FCPS regulations and Finance Laws........ Vote for Jim LeMunyon, we need someone with integrity representing us.

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