Friday, October 2, 2009

How have Senators Webb and Warner voted?

Just as you'd expect..

Here's a list of the titanic spending bills the Senate has passed since January. Click on the links to see how your Senators voted.

$350 billion Wall Street bailout extension (#5) Webb & Warner voted Nay

$787 billion stimulus (#64) Webb and Warner voted Yea

$400 billion, earmark-infested omnibus spending bill (#96) Webb and Warner voted Yea

$6 billion to federalize charities and pay volunteers (#115) Webb and Warner voted Yea

$109 billion loan to the International Monetary Fund (#201) Webb and Warner voted Nay

$3 billion for cash for clunkers (#270) Warner Nay ...Webb Yea

$400 million in corporate welfare to help tourism corporations advertise overseas (#272) Warner and Webb Voted Yea

$4 billion bailout of the Postal Service (#300) Warner and Webb voted Yea

Webb 202-224-4024

Warner 202-224-2023

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