Thursday, October 22, 2009

Approved News and Opinion brought to you by Obama

Tom Maguire
Having explained to us that Fox News cannot be trusted, Obama has taken the additional and important step of endorsing certain pundits, opinion leaders, and "journalists" as President Approved.

So who are these "trusted" professionals?

Eugene Robinson,
E.J. Dionne,
Ron Brownstein,
John Dickerson,
Rachel Maddow,
Frank Rich,
Jerry Seib,
Maureen Dowd,
Keith Olbermann,
Bob Herbert,
Gloria Borger,
Gwen Ifill.
All Liberals, all work for Liberal media.
not one among them have any integrity

Ace sums it up..
Obama whines about FoxNews' "biased" coverage, and the media say nothing, as the rest of the media knows they offer this kind of biased, partisan "analysis" every single day.

Every. Single. Day.

Borger's piece isn't particularly remarkable, except for the suggestive timing of it coming out right after her chat with Obama, in which he surely whined about every Republican who won't "help him with the mopping."

The Head-Pat Media puts this crap out there every day. And then they have the gall to call FoxNews partisan?

It only seems partisan to them because it's the opposite of the partisan messaging they engage in every single day.

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