Thursday, September 24, 2009

Doug Wilder refuses to endorse Deeds!

This has got to hurt!
Doug Wilder whacks Deeds

Former Virginia Gov. Doug Wilder, the state's first and only black governor, has declined to endorse Democratic candidate Creigh Deeds. Wilder withheld his endorsement even after President Obama intervened on Deeds' behalf through a telephone call.
Wilder also indirectly attacked Deeds for supporting tax increases to help fund transportation projects in the commonwealth. Deeds wrote an op-ed in yesterday’s Washington Post declaring his support for a “dedicated funding mechanism for transportation -- even if it includes new taxes.”

Wilder’s response? “This is not the time in our Commonwealth to talk about any kind of tax increase, especially those that are fundamentally regressive and will hit hardest those who are struggling."

Ohhhhh someone get Deeds some ice!

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