Friday, October 22, 2010

Who Owns the Fairfax Country Times Newspaper?

This, left wing biased paper is owned by the Washington Post who also owned Newsweek

So when and if it's delivered to you house, this election cycle, know that it's not a local,small town, independent paper it's a Washington Post offspring...

They support Gerry Connolly, Frank Wolfs opponent, Jim Moran, etc.. everyone who voted for or would vote for Obamacare, and all Obama pelosi's agenda. They actually have the gall to defend connolly's support for the stimulus, obamacare and cap and trade!

Welcome to The Fairfax County Times
Established in 1965 and based in Reston, Va., the Fairfax County Times is part of Post-Newsweek Media Inc., a division of The Washington Post Company.

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