Saturday, April 10, 2010

Why Won't Gerry Connolly Come Clean About the terrorist-linked Dar Al-Hijrah Fundraiser?

BIGGOVERNMENT.COM is thankfully not going to let this story go away....

Congressman Jim Moran and Governor and DNC Chairman Tim Kaine confirmed they had not attended. Moran’s press secretary stated that he was abroad in Turkey over the weekend, while the DNC Press Secretary stated that Governor Kaine “didn’t receive an invitation and didn’t attend.” The other three – Gerry Connolly, Sharon Bulova and Penny Gross – refused to comment.
How long can Representative Gerry Connolly and supervisors Gross and Bulova cover up whether they attended? More importantly, is Connolly covering up the fact that he did attend, to hide his continuing radical connections from responsible citizens – including patriotic Muslims - in his own district? Or is he covering up the fact that he did not attend, so he doesn’t offend the Islamist allies whose support he has have counted on in the past?

Either way, it’s time to end the cover-up. It’s time for a clear-cut answer: “Yes” or “No.”

Congressman Gerry Connolly 202-225-1492

Chairwoman Sharon Bulova 703-324-2321

Supervisor Penny Gross 703-256-7717

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