Thursday, April 8, 2010

Here we go again.. President Putz doesn't have the votes

Unclear As Of Now if Senate Will Have Votes to Ratify New Disarmament Treaty

Wrote the Republican Senators: "As you know, it is highly unlikely that the Senate would ratify a treaty that includes such a linkage, including a treaty that includes unilateral declarations that the Russian Federation could use as leverage against you or your successors when U.S. missile defense decisions are made."

The McConnell/Kyl letter to the president noted that a December 15 letter to the President from 41 senators reminded him that section 1251 of last year's defense authorization act "required that the Administration submit a 10 year plan for the modernization of the U.S. nuclear deterrent at the same time it submits the follow-on to the 1991 START Agreement to the Senate for its advice and consent."

McConnell said that "the Obama administration will need to meet three requirements if it expects favorable consideration of the START follow on treaty. The Senate will assess whether or not the agreement is verifiable, whether it reduces our Nation’s ability to defend itself and our allies from the threat of nuclear armed missiles, and whether or not this administration is committed to preserving our own nuclear triad."

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