Sunday, April 25, 2010

Does Obama want to Destroy America?

But in his mind he is not trying to destroy America simply because he wants utter destruction and devastation to be the only outcome. You see, mere destruction isn’t his end goal as those on the right fear. In his left-wing ideology, he thinks after America’s fall he and his left-wing comrades will be building a new and better U.S.A. Where real Americans see destruction and the end of everything, the leftists see a re-birth to a better and, in their eyes, more moral America. He and his left-wing friends see the U.S. as a Phoenix rising from the ashes of the bad old days..

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  1. Come on out to a Pat Herrity meet and greet tonight in Orange Hunt and hear what he plans to do to! Contact me for time and place!

    Megan Zerfas
    Tea Party Patriot!

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