Friday, March 19, 2010

Obama at George Mason Patriot Center Today

Between 200-300 people showed up to protest Obamacare today at the Patriot Center in Fairfax. They had us in the back entrance of the building on the South Side.. well hidden from the main drive of the University. I had to ask around to find other protesters.

The Washington Post os reporting that 8,000 people filled the Patriot Center. I say NO WAY! Everyone on line was in the center by 10 AM. I find it impossible that 8,000 people entered the center in an hour since the lines on both entrances were never very long and they opened the doors at 9 AM. And let's not forget that no everyone who went into the Patriot Center was pro Obama.

Outside where we were protesting there were 5 college age kids holding signs which were pro Obamacare. just 5... so poor Obi-one couldn't get more than 5 of his his brown shirts to attend a college campus rally.... just saying...

Americans for Prosperity Video..

The Mess that Liberal Obama Supporters Left Behind... kinda looks the way the Mall looked after Obamas swearing in doesn't it? Seems these people have a huge problem living what they preach

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