Thursday, March 4, 2010


1000 Bank Street
Richmond , VA 23219

11 AM


This is a 24% tax hike every home phone, business phone and cell phone in the Commonwealth.
This E-911 tax was established to fund the equipment and dedicated staff of the public safety answering points (PSAPs) where 911 calls are received. But the proposed tax increase is being used for something completely unrelated.
The tax is deceiving to consumers. They are led to believe they are funding 911-related services when they would really be funding an array of benefits for a wide variety of state and local government employees.
This is simply a shell game to take more money from Virginians for unrelated programs.
This bad idea has been rejected before. Nearly identical legislation to increase tax on insurance premiums and alarm monitoring services has been soundly defeated three years in a row.
This tax increase should be rejected by the budget conferees.
It’s critical that we get as many Virginians as possible to send a clear message to the general assembly not to impose huge new hidden taxes and fees, including the phone tax.

If you are unable to go to Richmond, Please contact your legislators through


  1. Would you care to defend opposition to the E-911 tax in a debate? Leaving aside the fact that it's only 18 cents per phone per month--$2.16 per year--this tax is directly linked to the service provided, and it would be hard to find a purpose with broader appeal than paying death and disability benefits to families of uniformed first responders killed or injured in the line of duty.

    All revenue from the 18 cents per month E-911 tax goes to Virginia's Line of Duty fund, which pays death and disability benefits to families of uniformed public safety officer injured or killed in the course of protecting or rescuing others.

    The state and local government personnel covered by this measure respond to 911 calls, so the 18 cents E-911 tax is an appopriate and efficient way to fund their line of duty death and disability benefits.

    Along with the tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars that Americans for Prosperity is throwing into their opposition to this measure, they're throwing their credibilty out the window and public safety officers under the bus.

    Their fundraising appeal calls this measure “a shell game to hide what’s really a huge tax hike,” neglecting to mention it’s only 18 cents a month per phone. Their website says the measure funds “an array of benefits for a wide variety of state and local government employees,” but the truth is all the money goes to the Line of Duty Fund for families of public safety officers injured or killed on the job, the very people who respond to 911 calls.

    Americans for Prosperity's manipulative hype and deception reveals their disdain for their donors, participants, and the general public.

    - Steve Lebowitz, Annapolis, Maryland

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