Monday, December 7, 2009

Sign This Petition Opposing Obamacare

To: President Barack Obama, Members of Congress

As a concerned citizen, I oppose any and all efforts to further expand government control over the U.S. healthcare and insurance system. Specifically, I oppose the so-called “Public Option” proposals -- the “Affordable Health Choices Act” and other similar bills -- which amount to government-run, socialized health care that will impose massive taxes on the American people.

Like most Americans, I prefer getting my health coverage through private insurance rather than the federal government. That’s because government healthcare always results in higher costs and rationing. I do not want politicians and bureaucrats dictating the health care and insurance decisions of myself and my employer. Especially in these difficult economic times, I flatly reject any new government healthcare plan that imposes new taxes or burdens on individuals or businesses.

Join the over 700,000 people who've already signed it andSign it here

Please pass this petition along to your email lists. They are going to try to ram Obamacare through during the Christmas season. We also need to keep calling and emailing our Senators

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