Saturday, December 5, 2009

Sarah Palin Book Signing at BJ's

Over 1,000 people showed up in a snowstorm to Governor Palin's book signing at BJ's today. The guy who was first in line had started his wait yesterday afternoon at noontime. The other first 100 people had been in line since late yesterday. I spoke to a man who stopped by last night and he reported that there was a few hundred on line as of 9 PM last night! People from all over Virginia were waiting in line. I did not speak to anyone who was from out of state, but someone told me that there was one guy from Pennsylvania who camped out last night.

I did not like the way the management or employees at BJ's handled the event. It was disorganized and chaotic. They would make people get off line and go inside to buy their books and then have them go back outside to wait. Some people were given a plastic bracelet and some people weren't. Those who didn't get the bracelet were not allowed to get back in line. One woman actually had to get management to let her back in line. There was one man who had a management badge on who's attitude was less than friendly. When people went up to him to ask a question, he made you know that he was not happy that he had to answer their questions.

As for the Sarah fans they were a wonderful Right Wing Mob!. Everyone was happy and excited to be there even thought it was cold, wet and snowing pretty hard. People were sharing their umbrella's and holding each others place in line so they could warm up in cars.
The media I saw there was from channel 9 and USA Today. So you can watch for their reports. I also spoke to one woman who was a freelance writer who was taking pictures and notes. I heard someone mention the Washington Post was there and people booed, which cracked me up. Low key, mild mannered right wingers harassing some snot nose liberal journalist always makes my day!
Unfortunately, I am not a member of BJ's and I did not want to join , nor did I want to get in line yesterday. So I will wait for another opportunity to get my book signed by Governor Palin.
Enjoy the pictures!

Unidentified media interviewing a Governor Palin Fan

This was the second line in the parking lot, this is where most people waited

A Grandfather and his Granddaughter

This was the first line next to the door to BJ's These women were on line since last night!

The first hundred people on line waited in front of the store

The weather was cold but the people were warm and friendly

When I got to BJ's at 10 AM the parking lot was FULL.

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