Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Ben Nelson is a Weasel among Weasels for More Reasons than You Know

WEASELS, Every last one of them

The Senate voted to table Jim DeMint’s proposed amendment that would prevent Harry Reid from Bribing Senators for voting for cloture
Ben Nelson voted against Jim DeMint’s amendment, but when he realized the Democrats already had the votes to kill it, he raced back up to the clerk and changed his vote so the final record shows Nelson sided with DeMint.

Our great country deserves better

The men and women who were elected to represent "We the People" have proven that they don't care about our country or the people they were elected to represent. They only care about what's in it for them. They are not awed by the office they hold. They are not humbled by the responsibilities of that office. They don't love our country like she deserves to be loved.

At this point it no longer matters if they pass Obamacare. Our representatives have shown us the contempt and lack of respect they have for those they were elected to represent .

We'll just have to remind them over and over who they work for. And let's not stop reminding them until they understand that they're there to serve the interest of the People, not their political party or the Narcissist in the White House.

Have we lost our Country? I pray to God that we haven't, but I just don't know. This democrat party lead by Obama has proven themselves to be ruthless thugs and the Republicans in power are still fighting like gentlemen. This Christmas say a special prayer and light a candle for our country.

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