Saturday, November 21, 2009

Warner and Webb are both going to Vote Yes on Cloture Tonight

Norm Leahy
Via NBC reporter Adam Rhew's twittering of a Mark Warner appearance in Richmond this morning, we learn the following:
Warner indicates he will vote FOR cloture tomorrow: "moving to debate it simply starts the process"

They do not care what the majority of their constituents want. There have been healthcare protests at their local offices all over Virginia, they read the polls and see how unpopular it is, they know that over 1 million Americans marched on DC 912, they know that tens of thousands showed up Nov 5 on the steps of the capitol, and they still intend to vote yes on cloture, giving Harry Reid more time to bribe this bill into passing using taxpayer money!

Keep Calling, Keep writing, Keep faxing.
Show up today if you can

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