Monday, October 19, 2009

The Political Process

I've been on the receiving end of a political power struggle recently which is ridiculous considering that on the political food chain I'm just above the High School Senior completing service hours. For months I tried to ignore the petty overtures , but eventually I was forced to confront it. What little was left of the working relationship is now completly over. Which is really too bad because we were both working toward the same goals.

This experience made me remember why so many good people never get involved in politics on any level.

While growing up my family was very involved in NY politics and I got an inside look at how both the local and national level operated during the Reagan era. I saw people who should have been best friends become sworn enemies ( I happen to know they still hate each other to this day!!) Politics is a cut throat and nasty business, even within the same party.. especially when the party is in transition. Don't kid yourself, Politics is about self promotion, opinion and power. Those three ingredients can not be combined without a struggle. Even Mother Theresa and the Pope had a power struggle! ( Mother Theresa won, btw )

Today, the Republican Party is in transition. However, they not only have each other to struggle with over the direction of the party, but they have the Grassroots Movement nipping at their heals. The Old Guard is going to try to hold on to their power with everything they have. And the Grassroots have every intention of fighting them with everything we have. Only we should try very hard not to fight each other.. Right?. Fighting each other will be how the old guard gets to keep its power. As long as the new guard is divided, they can keep making their deals and deciding the future Party Leaders

What happened at Western CPAC last week is a perfect example of a struggle between the old guard and the grassroots
Ed Morrissey, from HotAir, was there and has a lot of details and backstory
as was Jim Hoft of Gatewaypundit

"You got to know when to hold em, know when to fold em,
Know when to walk away and know when to run.
You never count your money when youre sittin at the table.
Therell be time enough for countin when the dealins done."

And this his is just the beginning, wait until the 2010 political season starts!

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  1. Politics is not for the faint of heart. Yours is strong.
    Sorry to hear you were under the weather.