Monday, October 26, 2009

Lisa Miller Confronts Newt Gingrich at his McLean Book Signing

If you attended the Webb or Connolly Tea Party rally's in Northern Virginia this past summer, chances are you ran into Lisa Miller . Lisa has her own channel on youtube and has done a lot of wonderful work. You can follow Lisa on teapartyning and on Facebook.
This Saturday, Lisa went to Newt Gingrich's book signing and asked him why he endorsed Scozzafava in NY's 23rd district.

She was noticed by Ed Morrissy of HOTAIR.COM and Ed explains why Newt's explanation to Lisa was wrong.
"If Scozzafava wins it, it will make it more difficult for a fiscal conservative to dislodge her in the 2010 primary. If the Democrat wins it, Pelosi wins one more vote for a year in a chamber which already gives her a 70-seat majority, and Hoffman can run as the truly Republican candidate in 2010."

When Sarah Palin endorsed Hoffman, Hoffman raised $116,000 in ONE DAY! Believe me when I tell you ..that got the attention of the NY and NATIONAL GOP more than the 1 MILLION of us who showed up in DC on 912.
In Politics, Money has the loudest voice.
A $5.00 donation from tens of thousands of people is real money! Sending a small donation to CONSERVATIVE CANDIDATES all over the country will be a POWERFUL message to the Old Guard

Eric Erikson over at is a great source. He keeps track of good candidates all over the country.
Here's Eric's take on NY23
I have been clear that I agree with the GOP to the extent that candidates should match their districts. I am not opposed to, for example, a Mark Kirk in Illinois, or a Mike Castle in Delaware, though I won’t lift a finger to help him. I understand that to get to 51% we have to have our share of Chris Shays’s.
But, in races like the Florida Senate and New York 23, when a conservative can win, a conservative should be supported. Conservatives are the base of the Republican Party.
I hope I have helped change the party’s electoral orthodoxy. Right now it involves telling the base to fork over the dough and shut the hell up.
We will no longer stay silent. NY-23 makes very clear that the GOP needs the conservative base more than the conservative base needs the GOP

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