Monday, September 14, 2009

Virginia Liberty Project

Last night I attended a event hosted by a new conservative group in Virginia called the Virginia Liberty Project. This group will be a force in Virginia politics. Kay Coles, the Gloucester Institutes Founder and President is involved as are many other notable Virginia Conservatives. Since I'm new to Virginia politics I don't know many of the key people, but I'm not so clueless that I don't know Kay Coles. Even though this is a brand new group their key note speakers were Liz Cheney and Kate Obenshain! If they wanted to impress me and get me fired up to get involved in this grassroots group, they succeeded! Kate gave a great speech on the constitution, and Liz Cheney gave a wonderful talk about Obama's policies and what kind of dangerous changes are taking place.
Their message is to have neighbors and friends get together to discuss current events and get involved in the process.
go to their website, take a look around, sign up and get involved!

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