Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tag Gleason

Tag Gleason
Candidate for Delegate
32nd House District

Tag's Priorities:
» Pro-business policies in Richmond will allow us to create more, high-paying jobs in Loudoun, and double the number of small businesses in the county.
» Lowering taxes will put more money in the pockets of hard working Loudoun County families and small businesses. I
» Taking leadership on transportation issues as we cannot afford two more years of inactivity and expanding costs.
» Improving education by allowing local school districts the ability to distribute resources where they are most needed.
» Energy independence is key to our economic future
» Protecting conservative principles such as the sanctity of life and defending the 2nd Amendment.

Tag's opponent's Priorities?

Destroy Tag with disgusting lies

And have half dead liberal biased newspapers do the dirty work and spread those lies

Here is what David Possin can't run from... His voting record

Like most democrats, He loves to raise taxes and dump government regulations all over everything.

Know what else Mr Possin can't run from? His Chicago Connections!

Possin was chief of staff and counsel to then Representative, now Assistant Senate Majority Leader Richard J. Durbin of Illinois, who in this video compares our troops to Nazi's, Soviets in their Gulags and then voted to cut off funding to our troops while we were at war!

Virginia doesn't need someone with Chicago connections in Richmond!

Send Mr Possin back to Chicago.

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