Monday, September 28, 2009

SEIU and other Useful idiots demand that we surrender in Afghanistan

Didn't we endure 6 years of the left screaming that Iraq was an illegal war and that our resources should be focused on Afghanistan? Well now the left wants to end the war in Afghanistan and they're bringing out their THUGS to make it happen

This was sent out by Progressive Democrats of America. They are having a National Call in day on September 30th to send a message to congress to force Obama to bring the troops home from Afghanistan and Iraq

Don't think this is a small "fringe Lefty group" it is a group that has a lot of congresspeople sitting on their board along with code pinko and a selection of useful idiots from hollywood. and it isn't only one lefty group, the SEIU is involved as well.

here's progressive America website..

here's the email they're sending out...

Afghanistan FUNDING!
Congress is close to final passage of the $625.8 billion 2010 Defense Budget, which contains approximately $128.2 billion to conduct the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq through September 2010.
So far the White House has offered no timetable and no "exit strategy" for Afghanistan. On the contrary, General McCrystal is calling for tens of thousands of additional American troops and a long-term commitment, which could tie the United States down in Afghanistan for years to come.
This is the original meaning of a "quagmire"--when every step taken makes it harder and harder to move. At this rate, we will never leave Afghanistan. Members of Congress need to get a powerful message from us that we need a different policy in Afghanistan--one that emphasizes diplomacy and humanitarian assistance. Without a plan to bring the war to an end, Congress should not give another "blank check" to the White House for continued fighting.
Progressive Democrats of America, United for Peace and Justice, CODEPINK, Just Foreign Policy, and Voters for Peace believe that a public outcry is vitally important now, when the Pentagon is exerting pressure on the President and
Congress to escalate a costly, destructive, and ultimately unwinnable war.
Join the National Call-in Day September 30 and tell your Senators to unite with Sen. Russ Feingold and and ask your Congressional Representatives to vote against the 2010 Defense Appropriations bill. When making this call, urge them to cosponsor Congressman James McGovern's H.R. 2404 that would require President Obama to provide an exit plan from Afghanistan no later than December 2009. Prepare for your call by checking the list of co-sponsors of the McGovern bill . Watch Representative McGovern as he calls for an exit strategy and in case you missed it, please sign Tom Hayden's Afghanistan petition here.
Take action on the September 30 National Call-in Day:
No Exit Strategy? Stop the Funding!

Tim Carpenter, National Director
Laura Bonham, Deputy Director, Communications Coordinator
Conor Boylan, Field Coordinator
Roberta McNair, IOT Coordinato

Look who sits on their board

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