Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Obama loves to be loved

Mr Obama loves being in front of the camera, loves the adoration of the "media" and seems to hate the job of actually running the country.

He will be all over TV again this week.

Good Grief, When do you suppose he'll find his way into the oval office and begin to govern?

I think the president, those in office and much of the media, is of the opinion that "we the people" are stupid. We the People are NOT stupid and 1 MILLION of us showed up on Saturday to let them know it!

The President, his administration and all the other politicians who forgot who they work for are making fools of themselves.

The media in their disgraceful display of partisanship are not doing their "chosen one" any favors. I find their kid glove treatment of Mr Obama condescending, patronizing and insulting. At one time I wondered how President Obama felt about never being challenged. Wouldn't a intelligent man welcome challenges to his ideas? When Joe Wilson shouted out "You LIE" the president got angry and it took a moment for him to compose himself. This showed a weakness in him that no Leader should have. I also have to wonder why he allows his lap dogs to continue to play the race card simply for opposing the President's policies.

Most of those in the media and entertainment industry are proving themselves to be useless idiots who are willing to pimp out their integrity.

It's been painful to watch this at times, but I believe that this was something that needed to happen.The PEOPLE needed to wake up and take notice of what was happening to their country.

Washington and the MSM needs to be purged of it's toxic waste.
It will be interesting to see who's left standing in 2013

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